Greek. These people of God, thank you so much for taking your time. Year in, year out, we expect God. We expect to hear from God. We expect to hear from the spirit. The year 2023. If you read from the prophets prophet Jeremiah. Prophet Isaiah and all the prophets who are in the Bible. These are the people who always preached peace. And the justice? We cannot expect to have God with us. When we. Do not look at those things seriously.

Be it leadership or anybody who asks. The prophets of God to pray. Needs to consider first. Things to do with peace, things to do with justice. Well, this year. They say is have to pray. When we pray, God can hear us. God can hear the supplications of the Saints. For the sake of the Saints. What can be able to do? And pull out. His misses because of the Saints. The year 2023. One, we have to pray seriously against violence.

That’s the very first thing, secondly. This message is to the nation of Zimbabwe. Secondly, this is a year where we are going as a nation to choose. A leader. What I’m speaking here is not what I’m thinking, is not what I’m analysing. But it is based on what I saw.
Because the spirit is highlighting to me the things that are coming, the things that are ahead of US1 violence point 2. We have an issue to do with this. The choosing of our leaders.

During that time. The better situation, the better way or the better way that can describe this situation is. We are going to see. A very good number. Of the opposition. Yes. Moving in. Coming in. But I’m asking you the realm of the spirit concerning. The issues to do with declarations. Silence. Silence. I repeat the word. Silence. Let us pray as a nation. So that we don’t go back. To 2008. We have to pray against. Going backwards. Instead of making progress. Going backwards.

This is 2023. Can you imagine a nation going back to 2008? No progress. We have to pray that we don’t go back to that era. So you take that year you put on this year. Let it become your prayer point, the wake of the Saints, the wake of the pastors. Out there, this is a mission for you which comes from the spirit of God, not from the thought of man is to pray for the country. Pastors should join together for one reason and only one reason.

Pray for peace. Pray for the prosperity of the nation through peace and peaceful means of resolving differences. If we don’t find a solution, we will remain going in circles. So as a nation, I age the church, particularly the church. This is the voice. Of the spirit. Which is not the voice of canal Rizzoli. I implore you, brethren in Christ, let us engage in prayer for our nation to experience peace, for our nation to experience prosperity, for our nation to experience justice. We thank you for taking your time and engage in serious prayer.
For the year 2023. Thank you.


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