For the wall. Always say one or two things. As for the reading Christian
Church of God? You will hear that from your pastors. At the right time.
For the world. The Almighty God said that the weather pattern will be
more erratic.

As it would use more erratic. It drew. The weather condition
will will now be very nice. Play some places. At. We’re trusting God. It will
be nice wherever we are. But he says that. The wall of this year will be
relatively more peaceful. Relatively. Mall face through. As for individuals
and generally speaking.

Number one, he said. Some people. Your biggest
challenge? Of 2022. We lead to your biggest testimonies in 2023. He also
says that. He will speak peace to some troubled homes.

And he said for
quite a few people. There will be. Restoration of lost glories. And this one
I like a lot. He said many troublemakers. We lose the ability to make

They just won’t have what it takes to make trouble anymore.
Ohh. And he says. Like this? This is the best way to say it without getting
into trouble. Yes, Sir. Quite a few balloons will be deflated this year. Ohh.
I also like this one. He said there will be. A bit of wealth transfer. You say.
Is that all you are going to say? Well. There was a news. I think about two
or three days ago.

That in Ghana. The. Police says. Any prophet through
prophecies, anything that can cause fear. Will be arrested there is no problem when you are older, you will know. Father, I just want
to say thank you. Ohh God thank you. Tying through that, whatever the
enemy plan, the enemy failed. Accept our thanks in Jesus. Amen. Please
bless the offering of your children. Sanctified. Use it for your glory.

That’s all you have given, Lord God Almighty, throughout this year. Don’t
let them spend for Satan. Don’t let them spend on sickness. Don’t let
them spend on fun errors. Whatever they have now, my father and my
God, let it be the least they will ever have. Ohh. And the grace to give. So
that you can return to them abundantly give to them in Jesus name. My
father and my God, you have told me that this will be a year of many
opportunities. I decree. That your children will not miss any of them. Go
with your children. Crossfire them this year. Protect them this year.

Defend them this year. Promote them this year. Let them go from glory
to glory. From success to success. From Rome new so good news.


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