The only thing you can send to your future is your prayer. You can go and wait for you. Your prayer can become your protocol. It waits for you at the gates of your tomorrow. It’s just that tomorrow is ready for you.

And it if it finds anything your tomorrow that can sabotage the name of God in your life, it can. It’s a depopulation agenda. Does that make sense to you? What is happening on Earth that a depopulation agenda is not some group, it’s an old agenda. Satan had tried 2 dispensations and failed. Sit down, headsman, because men have bodies. A body has now prepared for me. Find out how many people died because a child was born. Moses. Find out how many people died. Are we together? Listen. This is helping to now make sense that the thing which is, is the thing which has been.

So when you see whether it is terrorism, whatever it is you now when you are praying, you pray from the lens of this intelligence that we just found ourselves in the middle of history. This thing is an old story. It’s not about. The foundation in your family, that story is deeper than that. It’s not about the devil wanting to make you poor or not wanting you to have a child. That’s that is a little piece of the whole story. And Kim killed Abel. When he killed Abel. Not theologically speaking. They say Cain and Abel are twins because the Bible just said Adam knew his wife once and we see these two come, right? But then the Bible now says again that Adam. Knew his wife again, very dangerous statement. That was a discovery that was going to shock Satan.

That this potential to give birth is theoretically infinite, that made the woman dangerous. You now see why Satan looks for women, conduct deliverance for 10 people. Eight of them will be women. It is not. High testify. Testify that your goodness is real. Your goodness is real, I testify. For a very long time. I wondered why the devil would not let women rest. Is it just because they have a womb? Is it because they are beautiful? Is it because men pursue them? No. I found the reason. Satan, listen cheerfully. To what Jesus said or God said, he said the seed shall boost the head. Are we together now? Yes. There’s something about women. Under anger that their presence creates to the gate of hell. No wonder the first person to see the resurrected Christ was a woman.

The first person to see Christ resurrected was a woman. Let’s get back to our discussion. The Bible now says Adam knew his wife again, and she bought him a child, and he named the child Seth, he says. And men began again to call upon the name of the Lord now. But watch this. The Bible now said this guy called Kane, even though he killed his brother, even though he talked with God, he did not change.

That’s a lesson I can spend all night there, that just talking with God alone does not equal transformation. Ken was talking with God and encountered that very few people have had, yet he did not change him. Proximity to the world’s proximity to spiritual activities does not produce transformation. It means we have to invent another formula such that all those who come close to us as they are listening and they’re in church for many years. We shouldn’t make that assumption that just because they are hearing the word of God, they are changing. The first person we see. I said man talking with God directly in rebellion. And you know what the first statement was is not.

I worship you. It’s not. I love you, Your Majesty. The first word that came from man to God, aside from Adam and Eve, is am I my brother’s keeper? Here’s where the issue of relationship came. Am I my brother’s keeper? Why should I have any business with my brother provided it does not support my interest? This is the book of the beginnings. Everything. You can literally trace everything about men. I hope God is speaking to us, and I pray that I’m making sense. Hallelujah from that time, every time Satan found a man, three things Pasto. 3 don’t forget this please.

Every time Satan finds a man, he’s interested in three things #1. The handing over of the wheel of that man to him #2 the building of a system that is loyal to him. The Bible says uncanny departed from the presence of God are we together? And when he departed from the presence of God, that means wilfully, he was no longer.

In submission to the authority of the Kingdom and the Bible says he built a city from that day. Every time Satan finds men, he is obsessed with building cities, the Tower of Babel. Darios building Babylon, Herod till tomorrow. Every time Satan finds men, his obsession is to build a system and a city that does not honour God. This is the system we call Babylon, a representation of the Antichrist system. This is the system and the operation that controls our social environment that we call Cosmos. Are we together now? And Satan has Satan did that by programming a set of beliefs and an approach to life.


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