Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me. You prepare table for me in the presence of my enemies, anointing my head with fresh oil. My cup runs over. You are declaring. Have no covenant with death in the name of Jesus, I declare. As for me and my house, you are making declarations because you are seeing storms rising. You don’t keep quiet. When storms rise, the worst thing to do is to be silent.

Hear me? I’m speaking to you because there are people storms all around your life. When they walked Jesus Christ, he did not discuss with the stone. Please be steel. Your spiritual life suddenly. Your fire for prayer now. Your passion for the world now. Faithful, now everything down you should know that you are surrounded, that there is something that is the time to open up your mouth.

I decree and declare in the name of Jesus the Lord is my light and salvation. This is not just a Pentecostal thing is a formula for victory. Declare ye that thou mightiest be justified. Ohh, I rejected, I rejected in the name of Jesus. Don’t feel bad and feel that’s how this one said it and die. That’s none of your business. You speak, you do your own part and declare over your destiny. I choose life, I said before you. Life on death. I choose life. I choose hell. I choose victory by the spirit of God.

How’s Uncharted 4 by my side? 10,000 by my right side. But none shall harm me. With my eyes will I see the reward of the weekend. I arise and shine because my light is come. The glory of the Lord is risen upon me. Chantelle’s come to my life that kings to the brightness of my rising for my share, my receive double where I’ve been deserted so that no man helped them. Please passes through me. I’ve become an eternal Excellency. Enjoy your many generations.

Prayer. Listen. Please sit down. The moment believers learn this world over, the moment you see an unfavourable situation in your life. You know it is the devil because along with that situation will come the spirit of depression. And the assignment of depression is to keep you silent. Listen to what I’m telling you. I’m not a medical doctor. I’m speaking as a man of God. I know that depression has an assignment to keep you silent. Satan is the master of the Flesh realm, so this is how my life will be. I thought this will work. I had a dream and I thought the job would come.

And you now keep quiet and the angels are saying, look at this. There is a law. We are ready to move. God is ready. Help them, please. God is ready to move. Psalms 107 bus tour. These are the arsenals of victory sums 107 please very quickly let the redeem. Of the Lord, if they are truly the redeemed, don’t just think so.

Don’t just we so say so. Let the lift head of the Lord say so. Let the rest of the Lord say so. Are you learning now? You return back and there is a medical report that is disturbing. Just when that is happening, your child brings a result. After spending so much on his school fees, you see an evil report. Are we together? The moment that is happening, you just hear that your investment has crashed. You are a politician. They told you, OK, this is supposed to be your position.

You are a man of God. You come to church and it looks like everything is going down. That’s not the time to be quiet, and that’s not the time to attract sympathy. You are the first prophet of your destiny. Go and shut your door. Remove your CEO, regalia. Put on that briefly. Roll shake up, someone blasting the spirit in one.

I wouldn’t be silent in the name of Jesus Christ. Listen. Listen. Believers Hold on, hold on. Do you know that many believers are low tragedy to mount until it presses them down? That’s when they resort to God as a last option. And I will not be silent high.
What? You make this. That’s long. Hey. One more time. No more silence.

What to do when you are in trouble: Apostle Joshua Selman


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