I am on a global assignment, you know anything you against me, God will use it to increase me. And we believe my poopy is in the atmosphere. No man can spot what God has just started.

I naturally listen to this and naturally detest. People who are ungrateful or anybody who’s ungrateful. Who cannot be thankful? Once once you are not thankful. As an individual. Or as a group of people. You have put on a stinky. A stinking garment. That would continue to. Corrupt. And delay your fractions. Not life is about fortunes.

Life is not about hard work. The problem sometimes is that we put on. Wrong attitudes. And then walk hard the hoping to succeed. Well, I was praying. God said my people ought to be told. The importance of being grateful. And. Putting on positive attitude. Positive what? Positive attitude. How many of you are thankful? No we are not. We are we are thankful unto you. We we thank you. We we we not only saying thank you Lord God wants us to be fool. Of it, you know, just just but, but let the overflow that comes from you be Thanksgiving to the Lord. You know what? Most of us are not thankful. Because the devil has deceived us.

To rely and to focus on the things that God has not done. We set our goals. We set our dreams, we set our. Our plans? And would become too desperate. To achieving those plans. In such anxiousness. Would lose.
Dance, Furness and I sometimes we want to walk in. And in, in, in our emotions. We want our emotions to determine what we do. I feel this way. This is I’ve feel this way. I don’t feel this way. I don’t.

I feel that way. I’m not happy. I’m happy. I’m listen, anytime you make decisions because you are happy, you can also be wrong. Anytime you make decisions because you are sad, it can. It can also be wrong, in fact, being happy and being sacked. Have nothing to do with your decision making. Always employ the principles of God, the knowledge of God. And wisdom to make decisions. Somebody had a 90% of folks. Passive Christianity as more or less. Religious. Religion.

Where’s somewhere, somehow, everything has to be. Driven with some level of sentiments or emotions. And this is because 90% of Christians don’t even understand that Christianity ought to be a government. It’s a government unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder. It’s a government. It’s an institution of a Kingdom that has laws, principles governing, wisdom, light. Weapons of that Kingdom, spiritual weapons. We must understand how to war in the spirit, how to war in the soul, how to war mentally, how to war emotionally, how to work physically.


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