How I broke into the dimensions of diverse tongues that control atmospheres and the human body

They fear not. Ohh shut up, shut me out of our age and shy all Sha. Hola. Yeah. Not. I have played in thongs for over 20 something years. My fate developed strongly. I played in towns to point where tongues sprayed me.

So I broke out of the language of tongues. I entered into dimensions of tongues, diversities of tongues, unlocking Rams, and access to the talks that control human bodies. Hoover. You must travel. You must travel. Hello. Plus, interface of the nations must apologise for the Lord.

Told me the tongs that you speak, and not just tongs they are. Scripts in the Rams accent scripts that unlocks certain dimensions for the South Asian of the human body. It depicts the hold of corruption and mortality. Let’s see how long they’ve been, man. I see a man in me.

Benny. The poisonous substance of lupus. Everything just cleared. We’ve had so many pastors praying for cancers. Churches pray. Lord Hill cancer. Ohh Lord Ohh Lord hold look. The more you pray, nothing is happening. No change. You know why there’s a language. There’s a scent, spiritual script in their aims.

That the money you capture that language that line, it could be healthy. You know who’s yes and. It would destroy deplete the molecular hold of cancerous cells just like that. She. It’s fine, it’s fine. And the wind, the wind. Eagle and Queen Ohh I hear you. Ohh. That’s some languages. Represent spirit entities and the reigns beyond here. Wolf. Ohh you. You are. For you, your juju. Now this demon was speaking in a language. That many of you did not hear and I heard was the demo was saying and I went into that same language. I conversed with that spirit and addicted out in the language that the demon was speaking.

There’s a clash of tongues in the congregation. So that’s why when when people speaking to us in churches, not everybody that is praying in the spirit tongue, someone praying in demonic tongue English is demonic. Your natural language is demonic. It has nothing to offer you. Languages were meant to be assessed into dimensions. The true languages the God himself created in scripted and endorsed. We had to be accessed a direct communication with creatures beyond here. Some languages are excellent powers and abilities that unlock the supernatural and create the miraculous. I sat in language that when spoken heavens are opened and the supernatural is rot. God decided to make man to be 3 dimensional so we can through the body’s reign and rule on Earth, command the physical dimensions. We can throw the soul, ascend into the world of dreams and capture the second Rams and deal with glitches that are under solista.

Patience and that we are spirits, we can enter the heavenly Sir and commune with God. The father called the sauna and called the Holy Ghost. You know. That bank. I am here for error. You’re watching me to step into error, brother. This is God. God has sent me. Hello, if that’s your son. That the voice of the Lord then this last days, and impressed the fire of his dealings and purification, now shall be parched, elevated into the glories of our God, and represent his glory, his foolish on Earth. Not enough for, you know. You know felita. Chinamasa. Go and suck. Is to see crashed, glorified. You know my sexual urges, my sexual satisfaction is to see the rise of the glory and the ecclesia of God, the listen, the glory of God across the nations of the world. Special announcement from the Office of the Bond Servant of Christ, John Anosike. Please beware of fake accounts on social media, be it Facebook, YouTube and all others impersonating the Man of God asking for funds from people.

Please note Pastor John does not have any orphanage in Nigeria or in any country, nor does he ask anyone to donate to any orphanage.


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