God is. God of movement. God is a God of times and seasons, and God moves, in fact, one of the things I know the Holy Spirit for. Is that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of movement. The very first time.

We’ve found the Holy Ghost in the Bible as recorded in Genesis. That was that he moved upon the face of the waters. Come on. He moved upon the face of the deep. Praise the Lord. Not the first time the Holy Ghost was introduced. He was introduced as one on motion.

The Holy Ghost is not stagnant and cannot be stagnant. When he comes on you, he moves his strength. Remember when he came upon Jesus, he led him into the wilderness. He is not a stagnant spirit. He when he comes on you, he moves you from glory to glory, from strength to strength, glory to God.

Remember that Jesus said I was saying you, the Holy Ghost. So thank God that we are almost coming to the end of the revelation of the Godhead or what the theologians call the Trinity. The father had reviewed himself in Creation. Of course the Sun has reviewed himself in redemption.

There’s what the Holy Ghost is now revealing. Christs raising the sounds of God. Praise the Lord. So we are in the era of the Holy Ghost, the person of the Trinity. Guess what? He is in charge of God’s timing. He is in charge of God’s movement. And if the Holy Ghost is now in control, tell me what? His eternal movement. So the church must always be ready.

To hear the spirit and move. Stagnant water stinks. Can I say it again? Stagnant water stings when the Holy Ghost comes. Movement happens.

That’s why river is drinkable, because river flows. The Holy Ghost is lacking into the water of life. The river of life. Praise the Lord. So it is very vital, very imperative, very essential that the body of Christ understands the time that we are in. And if we have a comprehension of absolute insight into the times and the season, trust me, we will be able to rise. The Bulls the troubles of this time and dive into the glory of the season.


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