Apostle Joel’s prophecy of the 3 things 2023 holds.

The World is being Trapped in 2023 || Apostle Joel’s prophecy

So let me begin to tell you what the Lord. I put in my spirit. For 2023 now this is the prophetic ministry giving you an advantage of knowledge. Yes. Well, I’m not there yet. We’re not in 23 yet. But by the Holy Ghost. Some of us are believed. In 2023-2024. By the knowledge of the Holy Ghost. Out together. So you enter January.

And generally we January will misdirect a lot of people. January and February 2023, it’s going to misdirect a lot of people because it’s going to look as though. The world is about to pick up economically. And there’s going to be promises of. Hope everywhere. Listen, these things I’m saying it will come to pass. You will see it.

The misdirection is going to begin in January and February 2023. And you are going to see promises of hope, and it will look as though the world is picking up. And everybody was okay. Now let’s get our money. Let’s get our finances. There is no need to save in our ban. There’s no need to prepare for any drought.

I surely there’s no doubt. The year is looking good. That’s positivity coming. In America. They are going to make announcements of hope. I’m. You know, steps that I’ve been taking. To help America. Recover massively in 2023 was a lie. I am going to see all these announcements and China too will come out.

And there will be no noise of war. Everyone will be saying, okay, we panicked for nothing. The year is looking very hopeful. And then those people who starred in their bands. Those people. Who we are led? To save in their bans. They’ll say no need to save. No need to be worried. The world is looking beautiful.

And then? There would. They’ll be misdirected. Our together. They’ll be misdirected. I don’t mean misdirected 20. 20. 2023. January. Of February. And then March. They will be given a chair, a high chair. That will look very shaky. And they will tell themselves there’s no need to fear. The economy is just trying to reset. It’s a lie.

And then they pray the grasshopper that the Lord showed me. That had a green belly. And he pale wings. That flew across all the world. And at the reserves of the people, listen to the word of this policy carefully because next year is going to be the year of an attack on the reserves of people. Write these words down because you will remember a prophet of God said distance. What she done is going to aim for next year is the reserves of the people.

The Holy Ghost was speaking to me one of those days. He said. He said, see what the world is doing. That gradually bringing the world to a place where the world will begin to depend on its system. A unified system that controls all things. That thing is a trap.
They want you to abandon farming. And depend on the groceries your grocery stores. And depend on your shopping apps. They want you to abandon farming, having reserves for yourself.

They want you to abandon cooking. And depend on ordering food online. Depend on restaurant owned by a great system. They want you to abandon. Those things that makes you independent. And then you are manipulated into building your life on the system. Some days ago. When I saw it, I said my God. And you would think. It is technological advancement. What in his reality is a trap? The world is being trapped, brethren. I’m sounding this alarm.

The world is literally being trapped. And what will happen in 2023 is that they will go for your reserves. They will go what you have as your reserves. They will make sure you pull out your reserves. And you will bring out your reserves and put. Into the system. And then they will lock yourselves. But they will give you a false hope.

That’s why I said, May God give each and everyone of you disarmament not to be misdirected. They’ll give you false hope to make you feel like the year is starting on a good note. And then the people will say there was no need to worry. There was no need to be afraid. And then they’ll pull out of their reserve.

Then the grasshopper the Lord showed me in the spirit. That had a very green belly because it had eating the people. Is it? The rebellion of this grasshopper was very green. But his wings are very pale.

Announce and the wings, the Holy Ghost told me he signified the famine. The fun mind that was going to fly across. They act.
China is going to suffer from it. UK will suffer from it. Canada will suffer from it. America will is going to fly. Africa will suffer.


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