Prophetic Update On The Winner of Nigeria’s 2023 General Election. Prophet Isaiah Wealth.

The Un Expected to Win Nigerian Election || Nigeria’s 2023 Election Prophecy

Because Friday I talked about it in the service. I was talking about something. Look at not coming to rule here. So I was talking about it. So I went back and I was like, Lord, what? You promised, you’re going to give us a good person.

I was in his spirit when suddenly the three major contestants for the presidential race were, is this how it appeared? They’ve been invited to see me? So. One here, one here, one here when I came out of my room. This one. Was still on his way. This one was there. This one was on his way.

And I said in that vision, because you are here, go and win. And the person that is there is not who you want. So listen. So I was. I was then telling the Lord I was praying on Friday night because Friday I talked about it in the service. I was talking about something. Look at not coming to rule here. So I was talking about this.

So I went back and I was like, Lord, what you promised you’re going to give us a good person. How is this going to happen now? And the law spoke to me, something very strange.

Are you ready to hear? That will form what I want to preach to you. Remember on Friday I told you about the priority of God? Number one, the name of God. God will always do things first based on his name, then his will. Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thy will be done on Earth. They will talk about the Providence of God and all of that.

Remember, Friday, I have enough. People don’t watch on Friday, okay. Take note of that our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be. The next thing your Kingdom come, your will be done. Is that the Pirates of Heaven 1 to 5.

So the love came. I was telling me, so I said, Lord, now you showed me this. Now you got me the province side and you give us a good person. Now I’m seeing this. Of course. Let me tell you one thing about prophecy.

People understand prophecy is like a soccer match. He’s getting close. It doesn’t mean that. He’s gonna score. At that time, he was close. Even he can’t even score and his team will still not win. At that time he was winning who is winning at 30 minutes into the match Group A, but at 90 minutes.

It can still change. So learning about the prophetic whatever God shows you is updates for that time. I’ve seen this again and again. So remember second Samuel chapter first Samuel Chapter 2, verse 30 when the Lord said I said. Eli will be with me forever, but not no more because he refused to honour me.

And because he didn’t honour me, I have changed what I said. Understand that. The Lord said again to Aziah, prophesied to Hezekiah he shall live, and not that he shall die and not leave.

And when he turned his back from the man goes, go back, tell him I’ve added 15 years, he is sovereign. So whatever he tells you, he can update, but it’s something a lot told me, the love said you have preached well today. The parade of heaven is my name, I said. But I want to show you something. I said show me. So let me show you update. Are you ready for update? Then the law said to me.

What I promised you will not fail. That I will give the nation a good leader, he said. Will not fail. You know, I’m careful now. I don’t say things too much again because I I say something 2 minutes, they caught it and put online. Out of context.
So I didn’t tell you the three people were standing. But I’ve already said it, but I did not say it.

But you already said it. Now the law said to me, I will give you a good leader according to my promise, because though my highest priority is my name. Ah, he said. At times when I deal with the faithful, when you are faithful to me, but I have a higher priority. It becomes my promise. It’s at that point are we exalt my promise above my name? Is that so? No matter what happens, I will keep my promise to you.

Fear not, but don’t bother about the process. But I didn’t give me the Scripture Psalm 138 verse 2. Someone 38 days to read. A lot of them understand because they didn’t watch Friday service. Instead of the resulted my promise above my knee. So my name is the highest priority of heaven.

But when I make a promise to a man and the man is faithful to me, I will keep my promise even if I have to put my name lower as. Then they told me is that don’t preach your message today. Keep it for Friday. Go and tell the people about the faithfulness of my promise.


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