Lets Look at the Apostolic Ministry. The most Dangerous ministry is the Apostolic Ministry. What used to 90 will speak to us again. Thank you, father. In the name of Jesus Christ, God bless you. Please be seated. Hallelujah. They are postholing ministry.

Please pay attention they are postholing ministry. Is a very dangerous ministry. Umm. Ministry is the kind of ministry that when you understand the demands. Spiritually. It may not be as attractive as it looks in the physical, in the physical. The Apostolic Ministry looks very flamboyant because you get to operate in all the other ministerial offices. Prophetic, evangelical, pastoral, teacher. So it’s like. They are usually standalone peak. Then you get to flow mightily in the gift of the spirit. You command tremendous influence, and it beguiles many people to think that. The Apostolic Ministry is just as easy as it looks, believe me. Give me when you understand the scope of carrying.

And Apostolic and a prophetic anointing. You will run away from it. Hallelujah. Occasionally you find out that the burden of the spirit. Rests upon you see, the Apostolic Ministry is such that you sacrifice your life literally. You don’t just sacrifice your time. You sacrifice your life. God can interrupt your life and your activity any day and anytime because he pours upon your spirit the burden that is carrying for a season for a people.

And you must stay in the secret place until you are able to articulate what is communicating and to birth it properly. And trust me, birthing spiritual things are painful. So you get to a point where you will have to choose whether or not you really want to carry this mantle. That’s why apostles and prophets in the Bible were lonely people. They were abnormal human beings. They were controversial human beings their lives.

That’s why many of them did not marry. Because I’m sure that God just said, look, let’s let’s save women heart attack from the madness of these people. The mantle will change you. It literally will reconfigure you into something you may not want you are. Like a puppet under the influence of an agency you cannot stop. That’s why the Bible says the church was built upon the foundation of the Apostles and the prophets.

You know how thick foundation must be to carry any structure, any structure at all. Hallelujah. So sometimes when you find out that I retreat like this away, it’s not just one play around, it’s an intense communication of the burden of the spirit. Brothers and sisters, let me submit to you that if you want to do ministry goes away. You must not just love God, but you must stay on course at all times, it says. I will stand upon my watch, and I will set myself upon the tower, and I will see what the Lord will say, because you cannot afford to speak to people.

The things that are not being fully communicated by the spirit, there are people inside and outside. God draws them by himself so that they will hear the precepts of the spirit by the grace of God in every city and in every region. God will always raise. Apostolic and prophetic platforms do not only regulate the spiritual climate within that region. But to serve as the gatekeepers within that region. Hallelujah. Is save as the invoice.

The communicators of divine truth they serve as. The the ones with whom? Divine realities can be communicated. And so it is very, very important. That we realise and appreciate it truly let me tell you brothers and sisters, they are postholing ministries is strong ministry forget you can decide to do ministry Mens way. Right. But if you really want to carry the mantle and the grace of men like Smith, Wigglesworth, William Seymour, if you want to become a continuation of this system of God’s Kingdom advances, then you must see it will cost. You have told us again and again. Not everything in the Kingdom is a gift. There are some things that are rewards.

Listen, let me tell you it is on account of this sacrifice. The Bible says he suffered no man to do them wrong. He says he reproved kings for their sakes, saying touch not. It’s not just because, you know, a lot of times men of God threaten people with causes. If you touch me now, of course you know about to say a course causeless shall not stand.

So it’s not just making pronouncements, but that there is a way that certain vessel sacrifice does not just their life. Their lifetime to carry certain communications of the spiritual generation. They may look strange, you may not understand. However, they are often at the pivot of Kingdom activities.


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