Tanzania Justice Is Coming | Urgent Prophecy

Jesus Reigns TV colonizing, dominating and impacting nations with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A man anointed by God for such a time as this, proclaiming the decrees of heaven and announcing the seasons of God among man. A man aligned with the calendar of heaven. A prophet with an attitude of a servant. A father with a heart of son. A voice of prophecy in this generation.

God bless your family. What a great time. What a marvelous time. May the Lord bless you. May the Lord make his face shine upon your life. Now the father of all spirits, the God of all heavens. The one was an Asian who is to come. Has spoken. To his servant once again. Now the Lord says to me, Tanzania. Justice is coming. Tanzania. Justice is coming. Tons on here. Justice is coming. Justice is coming in the nation of Tanzania. In the way that.

Has never been seen in the world before. What God is about to do in Tanzania. Will be great. The cries of the people. And the oppression of the people have now come before the eyesight of the Lord God of the heavens. And the Lord spoke to me very clear this time around, and he said to me, son. Tell Tanzania that justice is coming. The people have been praying. The intercessors of prayed. And they’ve asked the Lord, and they said, Lord. When will justice come? Well, will you remember the pain of our people? They have asked the Lord to heal the land. And now the law says this is the answer.

That starting from the month of May. Tanzania justice is coming. The law says I will not forget Tanzania. Neither will I forget and ignore the blood. God says when I see blood, I will not forget. That even the blood of my 7.
That was said in that nation. The law says I will indeed bring about justice. The Lord will bring justice from those who thought justice can never be saved.

Those who thought that justice is far from the nation. From the wicked rulers who occupy the highest seats in the land. The Lord will begin to bring justice in Tanzania. The law says all those who have committed into corrupting the ways of the Lord. Into destroying the nation of Tanzania. The law says I will not forget the blood of my servant. I will not forget the blood of my 7th Journal Maker fully. The law says I know. I know all. Remember, the same God of heaven is the same God who said it before it happened. Than there were men external from Tanzania. Who were assigned to kill. The President of Tanzania. And the Lord spoke about it, and it came to pass. Now I come to you, Tanzania, once again.

To say to you. Justice is coming. The Lord has not forgotten. The law does not forget. Here we’ll see. Every man according to his works, from those who occupy the highest seats in the land to the least. God says it is time to turn away from your wicked ways. It is time to repent and come back to the Lord. For justice will be served, the Lord said.

The exposition of corruption like never before will take place. Those who thought they could hide the law says I will release the papers. Our release, the messages, our release, even the phone calls. That were hidden from the people, God says this is the time where the people have to know the truth and whether people will see justice. Glasses. I will serve justice for my 7. I will not forget blood. The blood of my servant in the nation of Tanzania.

If you are in Tanzania right now. Begin to pray because the law says justice is coming from the sound of the people that are praying in the streets. The law says indeed, I will not forget what the enemy has done in that nation, and I will bring them out of that nation as I have promised, says the spirit of the Lord. Pray for the nation of Tanzania and pray for its people for the losses. I will not ignore what has happened and I will not forget the blood of my servant. Pray because I hear the sounds of the women as they cry to the Lord as they keep on asking. Him for Mercy asking him for that God may change that nation. And the law says it is time.

I will come. I will come in that nation and things will be changed. May the Lord bless you. May the Lord make his face shine upon your life. My name is Yumkella Joseph and this is Jesus Reigns TV. Continue to pray for the nations of the world. The best is yet to come. Don’t forget to subscribe and click on notifications. Shalom. God bless you.
God’s servant Yumkella Joseph has been released by God.


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