That every time he comes, he’s coming along with the package. The name of that package is power. Say, power. Shout it one more time. Power. Is the currency of the realm of the spirit. That means if you meet me as a Nigerian. And you ask me for something, what I will give you most likely is money. Is that true? If you ask me for a bottle of water, I may not sell water, but I can bring out 1000 naira and give you. Is that true? We call it an economics, the purchasing power.

I have given you the capacity to have that water. If you fly to the US and you meet someone and he wants to bless you, he will not bless you with Naira. He will bless you with the currency within that territory. So when you ask God to give you efficiency, he sends you the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit brings to you the currency of heaven. My goodness, my God, when he lands with that currency of heaven, you can hold that currency of heaven like you see in Nigerian can still hold dollars.

Is that true? And look at The Excellency, the, the, the, the whole idea of currencies. That one $100 bill is not the same thing as 100 naira. Is that true? So if I have $200.00 and you have 200 naira, we all have money. But the challenge that comes before us will show who is holding hard currency and who is holding whatever it is. So don’t just say you have. Hour. Listen carefully. That is the power that comes from heaven. Limara tosia Tabata. When the Holy Spirit comes, the Bible says he will not come empty. You shall receive power. You shall receive power. Man of God, you shall receive power.

Businessman, you shall receive power the same way if you are broke physically on earth, like we know, you are not evil, but you will be incapacitated. There are things you cannot do. Listen to me. When you submit as CV to get a job, is it really the job you love most times is not the job. The job is simply a channel. Is that true? You respect the job and you respect the owner of that job because without the job and the owner there is no possibility of a salary. Is that true? So for for a salary to come, you need a relationship with that man and the job. You cannot bypass the Holy Ghost and stretch to obtain power. The protocol was so designed that when you come, you meet him first. Please listen. Believe us, because we’re about to pray now. You shall receive power. That sound from heaven was not just a sound. Of wind. It was a Holy Ghost coming. He said you shall receive power.

Power to do what? I ask you money to do what? If you want to buy a house, what do you use? If you want to pay medical bills, what do you use? If you want to pay school fees, what do you use? Is that true? If you want to travel and pay your ticket, what do you use? If there’s all kinds of family quarrel over money and you want to settle it, what do you use? So if I give you money, what did I really give you? I gave you more than an airfare. I gave you peace in it.

I gave you capacity for advancement. Are we together now? Now watch this. If you have money and you only use it for medical bills, you are short changing the potentials of that money. Because the same money that you used to pay bills is the same money that can buy you a house is the same money that can send your children to good schools. So when he says you shall receive power, he didn’t mean you shall receive. Something that will be used only when you are a preacher. I am giving you an advantage that leads you beyond the realm of the ordinary man. Please believe what I’m telling you. You will be ineffective. If you reject. The revelation.
Of this sound from heaven. Most believers have run away from the power of the Holy Spirit, and you ask them why they will say I’m not a preacher, I don’t need it.

I am not a prophet. I don’t need it. I am not an apostle. I don’t need it. But you give anybody money at the gate, he will not say I’m not a worker. He will not say I’m a female. He will not say I’m a male. The moment you bring out money, they will collect it because they know that it can serve every purpose. Listen when you stand. In a restaurant or you stand in a mall to shop, the goods you are picking will not ask you how old you are. The goods you are picking will not ask you what is your gender. The goods you are picking will not ask you your background. There is only one requirement. Do you have the purchase in power? If that television is 500,000 or 1.5 million? If you can drop the money there, you will pick it up. The television will not refuse to go, it will follow you. That means there is a gift that God can give you beyond your background, beyond your gender, beyond the limitations of your family.

First the Holy Spirit and with the Holy Spirit power. I believe this. I studied the fathers of faith from history and even the ones who are alive today. None of them, none of them rejected this gift. He said. You shall receive. That means you can’t reject it. Many of us have rejected it. But tonight God is giving you an opportunity again to receive power. Power to heal. Power to deliver. Power to transform. Power to turn things around. Power to rise beyond the grip and the limitations.


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