SHOCKING PROPHECY ABOUT NIGERIA 2023 ELECTION || Prophet Uebert Angel. Imagine standing here and being shown Nigeria the elections of Nigeria. The Lord literally showed me the winner of the elections. Because too many stood in front of me. And I mentioned something. Because the thing that I had seen was something very confusing. Because it had everything to do with the north.

But remember, the problem that I realise is the north. A political party comes from the north as well. The one that is ruling now. Comes from the north. The opposition 1. The man himself comes from there. So I thought today let me make it clear because. Because every, at least I was right, there is a force coming from the north. So the political part that is they put a man in there. Who is, I think, from the South. Or from another location, but the political party is from the north. Then the men from the north is also there. So we have time. To do with that. The way you are clipping here. May God help you. This amount of jealousy is very dangerous. God is strictly using Nigeria. Is he using other nations? Yes. But you can’t have the amount of impact. Nigeria had the head on Christianity. In and out of heaven is written Nigeria. They are the boys. They of course, the magnificent pastor Chris.

They all hail from Nigeria, the new breed of Apostles, Nigeria. There is a sudden grace that is goddess put on Nigeria that the political systems of Nigeria then have to be chosen by God. Are you hearing me now?
They have to be chosen by God. That’s why the election of in Nigeria is of great importance, is of paramount importance. That’s why God speaks about it and we are going to mention it. So you know. We’re going to mention it so you get ready for who’s going to win. Very simple. Say, why did I take time? I took time because I said something, right? And then and then. Because I never bothered to ask God what do you mean by this until I realise this party comes from this, the man comes from there as well and I said OK so that means now we have gotten too.

So God was giving us two of the people that will fight this thing and we got them. Then we moved to another stage now. We are going now to really say this one specifically by name, because we can’t do it without name. Now there are only two. It’s no longer parables and anything. It’s two. We’re going to do it alright. Why is it that we do these things sometimes? Let me tell you why. Many ministers are getting this wrong. They don’t know the prophetic.

The Bible says if there is a city or a nation and it does right before my eyes I will do. Right, by keeping what I said to that city or that nation. But if the nation tends to evil. I will repent from the good I want to do for that nation. You know what that means? That means prophecies are never direct or cemented until God says this is it. Remember the Bible says the scenes of the Amorites have not come to completion.

That means there is a time when the climax of scenes is reached where God says, that’s okay. Now we are not changing. Even after things are done, right? We are not changing. So all this time God could have changed the wind.


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