What’s going to happen? The presidential election of 2023. Prophecy. Professor. Office. Remember. I will just remind you some people, this is the first time I’m watching me out there. My prophecies never miss one day. Today’s dates.

Look at the congregation. What’s the results? Hello, Wayne. 11 December 2022. Prophecy. Prophecy. Efficacy prophecy this prophecy is about Nigerian forthcoming presidential election. Markets. Markets. Listen to me, viewers all over the world. Wherever you are, my message to you, write it down.

Internet should never, ever forgotten. Now listen. This is how I am not about the people that who are contesting. That lost sense. That is something that’s going to happen that which I want to let you know as an Expo that coming. I don’t have interests. Of the people that who want to win, I’m not going there.

Where I am going is this. The election started before the election. I don’t know. We are all brothers. I don’t know why we are killing each other. Before election, before the election killing has started.

Killing other starts. They’re going to attack his father. The great attack is order. Bloods are sharing. This is called attacks before the main presidential Election Day of the presidential election. Something happen.

The only thing that happened that surprised me in the realm of the spirit. I am the law said I should pray for the youths. Pray for the youths. And also pray for the government Nigeria. What is about to happen? I’m seeing. Youths fighting against youths. Youths killing youths. Presidential election that forthcoming 2023.

I’m seen by looks units. I’ve been destroyed. I am seeing what is called. Gun shops. People were running. Gunshots. I’m seeing this place of these units are now on fire. On fire. I’m seeing this is called another thing we we call it. This is called. I don’t know. The main the main points product Skilling product. Officers.

Are also. Fighting the youths and the youth are fighting the officers. I repeat, officers are fighting the youth and the youth are fighting. What are you looking for? It is blood. Bloods are there guns? Gomes. They mean the mean thing is is the election was made. When the election was made. I’m seeing 22 people.

That contestant. Two people contesting. In other words, the two people that who are the mean, they mean people. And these two people that contesting physically you have seen 3. But two that have the fights. And these two people are contesting. Suddenly somebody won. What the best award as people were now shouting and not that media.

Just came and supersede the media that first making noise.
First of all, listen to me well, they will announce somebody. That woo. Is going to win. I’m going to present person. Win, win, wins. Then another person, another media. Media was just taking place everywhere taking place. Don’t we know he don’t. We know before you are not that one. Come up. From nowhere announcements. Just come and support it.

And I saw another presidential candidates taking another president contact, and we must go to court. We must go. We must go to one. Football started. Could it be? Everywhere. No, no. Agreed no where. Runoff. Let’s go to runoff. Let go for by election. That’s when they were doing like this Council, some areas.

That we have food, we have footage. Some local governments cannot even vote. Some places that you would not vote. But announcements, 2 announcements. The first one that people will not.

I’m not that one come over. The force was too much for the other. One cannot withstand it. But what I want to tell you people. People seek, the Lord told me. It won’t stick that be that won the seats. Count six months from this winning team. There must be a changes. The love machine. What’s your passing through this year? What’s your pass through for the past days that nobody can control? Everybody crying but this person who will be at the seats?

Shocking Nigeria 2023 Election Prophecy – Prophet Jeremiah


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