Here is Kenya. The Lord just told me Uhuru not stop Ruto. There was a time for Uhuru. Then there is a time for Ruto. Whether you oppose, you do whatever Ruto is Ruto. God said the time for Ruto.

Everyone should Ruto. Ruto. So this is the battle between a future and the past. But you know the future always wins. It is the future. When it comes to the issue of Kenya, I mentioned this before. God’s choice men Ruto.

When the president wins in Kenya, you will see it and go like, Wow, Baby, it’s dangerous. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

Roto, I yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, people will forget that I made the whole church shout the president’s name.

Who was going to win? Everyone shout Ruto Ruto. William Ruto, the current deputy president, has just since been declared winner of Kenya’s presidential race, powered by the Holy Spirit Eubert Angel, more up to date than tomorrow’s newspaper.


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