I know that there are all kinds of things, permutations happening in this nation and there are many things that God has shown and not one person who will come and stand and such. You I saw this and saw that you have to. You see, influence is a very expensive commodity. You must know how to use it. You can destroy a people when you mismanage influence.

You can stand up and say what should not be said, or you say what is correct but at a wrong timing. Are we together? But there is one thing I can tell you. This year, the body of Christ. I stand before you believe a man. Find out about him. Let me tell you the truth. And I’m saying authority and I’m saying it with the authority of Scripture and by the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. Believe me and take it from me, what you see in the political scenario of Nigeria is not what will be. Just believe me when I tell you that. I will not say more than that. But I want you to know that there are people who bought us given the seeing eye, and the hearing here is just that. I know that I’m, I’m not a you know, you see me around politicians.

I am as neutral as you know. It is said are you for us or against us? I don’t play all those things. There are people in every political party in our ministry and I hope to talk to them and tell them the truth. But then I’m telling you what you see now. Let’s let’s just leave it there. Don’t say what I did not say. Don’t say what I did not say. Boy jobs, believe me that. From this month, November, you see, December down till that political time, God is going to do something in this nation that even even for those who have the eyes to see and have the ears to eat, they are about to lend God afresh, you see, let me tell you. Please hear me. The politics in Nigeria is not something that will stand and say I’m an apostle, I’m a prophet. That dimension that God is taking her it lead the spirit of God. It is by the privilege of God grace that will be granted access.

He will do it in the way that when you see it from hindsight you say, what is this? Now every citizen in Nigeria, get your get your PVC’s, do your due diligence and all of that. But I will tell you there are only two things I said I will say. One is this the 2nd that I’m going to say is pray for all the presidential aspirants. Just praying for them. I will leave it there. Just pray for them. We’re about to declare and decree. Listen to me. This is the only nation we have, no matter where you run away to. Are we together now? You may have dual citizenship, but you are still here in the name of Jesus Christ. As we sound this trumpet, what are we saying 1 Lord, your Kingdom come. As we sound this trumpet, what are we saying? Lord? Anybody that wants to shed blood, anybody that wants to sacrifice man, anybody that wants to conspire with darkness in the name of Jesus or God? Arise, give me that flag in the name of Jesus Christ. May God bless you. Let me use your flag. Hallelujah. Listen. Hallelujah while going to pray, I love every political party. I’m not whether we whatever. I love every political party. I love every aspirant from presidency to councillor, no matter who. I love everybody. So I I don’t come with any bias or sentiments. Our assignment is priesthood and we together and we are doing this by the power of the Holy Spirit. This trumpet you see that this man of God is going to sound. Over this nation, we are not the only ones doing what we are doing. What we are making a contribution is like an incense that is rising to the heavens and we’re saying Maranatha come over Nigeria over the South S while he’s blowing the trumpet. I’d like you to be praying and prophesying over Nigeria. Praying and prophesying.
Those following from.
Your homes following from everywhere, praying for every politician, whether you like them or not, whether you believe in them or not, your assignment is not to condemn. An insult. Your assignment is to pray the will of God and the purposes of God. Seven plus of the trumpet and we begin to pray. Shabaka toska elekta. You’re the word of the Lord, harass. Code brende parlato siata karikatur.
The West.
Maranatha, let your Kingdom come. Let your.
Kingdom come.
Let your.
Counsellor, yes.
Affections and eyes of God of power. Wrong. Back in the name of Jesus.
The son of God. Not that sort of trust.
Across the length and the breadth of this nation established.
The purposes? From the Presidency to the.
The House members for the governors let.
Your Kingdom come. Are you ready to South?
This one last blast but went to shout Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Shuwa let everyone go down. Are you right now?
The north.
For the Lord.
Rains of Africa we declare, may your Kingdom come. Let your purpose is the established. In the name of Jesus. We pray by the power of the Holy Spirit. That all those who mean well for this nation. May God give them a chance. From the presidency down to councillors. Every culture, every conspiracy, every gang up by the sounding of the shofar and the decree of the waters we decree and declare.


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