Pray for leaders in Tanzania for Peace – Dr. Ian Ndlovu || Tanzania Prophecy

Yes. So in our prayers for Tanzania. Yeah. I want us to pray for. For court to give liters in Tanzania wisdom. There are certain people who are in exile. Want to come back very soon? Want to return? Today phone me. I don’t know any politician in Tanzania. I’m not the Tanzanian. The spirit of God told me that there are people who return from. From X9. Among the people who returned from exile. Or were planning to return from from exile. Is a person who is very famous. So if the authorities there. Out of fear. The Concorde crimes. Or they come up with crimes against this person. I see that it will disturb their image in the international community and it may disturb their peace. So we must pray for Tanzania.

To have tolerance. Right now, as I’m talking, there are people who are seriously planning to return from exile. I saw them returning from exile, not one person. Quite a number of them who ran away. They are planning to return. Some of them are not politicians. There are prominent civilians. From that account they are planning to return. To test the waters whether the newfound freedom is real, it’s a mirage. The spirit of God says we must pray for leaders there.

To exercise a lot of restraint. Even if they are provoked. By some of these. Prominent citizens of the encounter. They must exercise a lot of restraint. And act according to wisdom, remembering that there is no power on Earth that anyone can exercise which does not ultimately come from God. What does the sanction? The exercise of power? In any part of the Earth, because the earth is the planet that caught himself, created, no one can exercise.

Power or authority on any part of this planet without quote sanctioning it? What do I mean by court sanctioning years to approve even though he was not actively involved in the process? He has to say yes. If God says no after they’ve done everything, it’s a no and no from court it’s a no. And now from God it means opposition against you will rise from nowhere and it will be just hindered. So for those who are ruling in Tanzania, the spirit of God says you are ruling because God. And said yes to your ruling. In Tanzania. So when these people return from exile, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid.

Don’t engage in. Actions which may harm. The international image of your country. Because I saw some of those people beginning to say and do certain things and then getting arrested in the process. And it was attracting a lot of negative publicity. With Tanzania. So. God loves Tanzania. That’s why he is one in Tanzania and he’s saying we must pray for Tanzania. The spiritual awakening. Which court has already started in Kenya? One of the countries which will be touched seriously by that spiritual awakening is Tanzania. Which is why the NM I’m not saying these people are returning from exile.

I sent my details, but details who takes advantage of people making certain decisions? So which is why the enemies. Seriously. Planning to use this opportunity of the return of the Exiles. In order to disturb with underground so that when the atmosphere is disturbed, Christians also will be attended and they will fail to realize the revival that is happening next door. The revival would be touching other countries which are further afield. It must touch Tanzania.

It must attach Ethiopia, it must attach Uganda, it must touch Burundi, it must touch round, it must touch all of those countries that are very close to Kenya. The spiritual awakening.
We thank you a lot. We thank you for the saying. So I pray in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.


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