And the Lord said to me something that I need to say it nicely. This one. This year I saw them crying religion in Brazil, everyone and the law said, look, they are crying for a person, but they’re not crying for their ways.

You know when you have a sports legend in your city, in the country, and everyone is just glued to the TV and it’s easy day, easy gone.

Are they telling us the truth? Is he really dead? Die. Dying is going to die so that you can prove God speaks. No, you can prove I hear from God you know this.

This old thing is about trying to prove that the God we serve knows everything. And if he knows the simple things about your life, like football, you will definitely know about you. We know, of course, Pell is going to die. Let’s pray for Pele. This one, this year, people will die.

And we bring you some breaking news at this hour and it is sad news and it is that Pele, one of the greatest ever footballers, perhaps the greatest ever footballer, has passed away in Brazil, his home country.

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