Sleep is not for Rest by John Anosike

Never going to sleep anyhow. Sleep is not for rest. Sleep is never forest. Sleep is too teleport into dimensions of the spirit and interact with the storages of God, the wisdoms of God and that dimension, and learn of this wisdom and bring it into your bodies and take charge. Is somebody hearing me? Is somebody here with me? We sleep intentionally. Your slip must be intentional. Listen, if you wanna rest, come. The noise in your head. You didn’t hear me? You you you wanna rest? Calm the noise in your head. Ohh 90% of how we rest. Is when I called you. Let’s go into two hours. Strictly talks like him among those shots. Among all the Bible says, he doesn’t speak it in an unknown tongue, speaks unto God.

For the mind is unprofitable the the mind has no understanding of it, so the mind is shut down. The mind is silenced. There’s a silence of the soul, silence of your audience, silence of the mind, and suddenly the healing power of God, the peace of God. They get some passed through the silent mind and begin to restore your kidneys and you. That’s why you see, I’m. I’m younger, always. Yet it has done. I’m stressing, no. My second. Glory to God. What men who pray in tongues often they hardly age. Ohh. I’m telling you. So for me to rest my body is to switch into seven hours of talks living now. He should come on now. You know that brings tranquilly. To every nave that runs through my body, that silences every heart that heals, every rejection that breaks down the covalent bonds of depression suddenly, because all of these things are the attacks of the devil to the soul, Israel. But the silence of the solace RAM brings healing to everything in your body, in your mind, in your sight, is somebody hearing may sound some God. Hallelujah. Now they are waiting for God to come, for people to be redeemed, nor true revelation. We will step into the glorious ruins of our God and take charge.


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