And six hours later. From January till November. Of course. God’s strategist was not intellectually approved in a university is part of what makes him the ancient of days. One time I was diagnosed of a terrible fungal infection that ate my head completely. Hair was never supposed to grow on my head. As you see today, never.

It literally at my I was a young boy. Let me show you the process of great men. I was in secondary school then. And. Because of my situation, the students complain that I was irritating them and they stopped me from going to the dining hall. They banned me completely so every time orders were going. To go and eat, they would keep me back.

I will have to beg someone and give him my plate and say please don’t forget to get food for me. I didn’t know it was a process. Hear me. Behind every glory there is a story. Behind every crown there is a price. That was why it was that experience that started bringing me to know the Holy Spirit because I didn’t have a friend.

I did. It would be my friend who wanted trouble on his head. So when I was left alone I said since men rejected me, spirit of the living God, will you also leave me? And it started leading me to pray. I couldn’t talk to men. They didn’t want to be my friends. But today, my intimacy with the Holy Spirit has become a blessing to the nations, the process. Are you getting what I’m teaching you now? Very serious situation there. No matter how early I came for the Assembly,

I had a permanent seat at the back. Even if I was the first to come, I would have to go and sit down. My mother came to visit me one day and she began to cry and say, God, but what did I do that my son has this condition? How many of you know the iron sponge, ladies iron sponge that you scrub the back of pot? They used it on my head to scrub my head. Iron sponge that you used to scrub. They used it on my head. I know what it means. Like when a crown of town was put on his head.

I’ve tasted it. They took me to a lab and cultured my head and took the sample. They created some drugs and some lotions for me to find somewhere to pray, but I want you to get this. The law of process. I didn’t know that one day the Lord would mandate me to be ministering to a generation, but it was a price I was going through. God will usually not tell you where you are going. You just continue to move on. Sometimes it looks like you are not moving.

The students ran away from me. I will never forget the night when there was no water and I would have to put my head in the rain outside so that it can soak my head to put a particular soap that I will rub on my head. Now I stand before the God of heaven and I tell you the truth. The day God will heal me from this. We went for a wedding and I forgot my drugs. If I forgot it for one day, it will show. I knew I was in trouble. I knew I was finished.

I slept that night and I had a very strange encounter. I woke up by morning and over 70% of the wounds had disappeared. Supernaturally, I said. What is this? How do you become a miracle worker and believe in miracles when your life is not a miracle itself? Today, when I want to Minister to people. I remember those days and faith rises within me.

Yes, God is evil. Are we together? Our first crusade. The whole people in the crusade ground were not more than 50 after laboring and fasting. Drive fast. All kinds of fast. You prepare and you stand there and there were old people and they were all sick. You know this village people around where I come from, they they they were so sick.

So when I said it’s time to pray for the sick, I was thinking just one or two people I saw. And you know, old people, if they are not healed, they will say they are not healed. They will not be a young man who say, OK, I will pity you. There were all sorts of people. I said, God, you have to show up here. Otherwise, know what to do with us. Then I began to see the miracles of God. Now I’m sharing this with you because you are in a face right now. You are praying.

Oh God, let this face leave me. The answer is not for you to leave you, Lord Grace, to continue. No. I track record because that track record will qualify you for the throne you are being called into. Listen. I did not start ministry, just preaching. I shared it with somewhere in 1994. I used to play keyboard for the prison ministry that ministered to Obasanjo.

This man standing before you. I played the keyboard for part of the prison ministry that used to go and Minister in the prison where President Obasanjo was, is a track record. Nobody ever told me thank you.

I was invited for a meeting. I fasted 3 days for that meeting. Listen, when I was done with that meeting, the meeting was not very far from where I lived and it was raining heavily. I said Lord, but your people need to hear the word. No car.


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