The Price for Intimacy with God – Apostle Selman

Does to your mortal body We always think about our spirits, our spirits, our spirits. Know ye not that your bodies are the habitation? This literal body, this biological flesh. Houses the greatest difficulty. Great men like John Lake. And so they told that body, because you carry divinity and you are the one I’m working with, you are going to sit down in the secret place till you rub off that glory. Your spirit can interact well. How about your body? How about your body? Keep it under subjection. Sometimes you play worship song. And you just pray in the spirit. Labour secretary. See that demo, Some bananas there.

Many people are running. Let’s do ministry. God says come back, don’t go anywhere. You’re not going anywhere. He stayed. And you are just crying, say normal Sapa. Right. Set up a Sumaya he backhanded episode. There are no Subaya Kalia. What minute, Destiny? The preparation for the. Many people who just stand up have picked and are struggling. The disciples, Jesus told them go. I was ahead of him, and he stood. And after six hours, he got up. He didn’t need a boat. He started. Underwater. That was boisterous for others, and he was overtaking them six hours ahead.

Many of you don’t know why others are running. The moment you want to run, buses come down, see, they say go, and more than this person is not. I know. You don’t know the. You don’t know what principalities you are. The losses stay. State. And you’re building yourself. Building. After one. God, I’m always praying in the holy goes, where are you?


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