Are you listening to me now? February was in America and I wasn’t praying. The Angel of the Lord arrived in the same room. The Angel of the Lord that tells me that will be telling me in a few minutes your details that that same Angel listen.

That same Angel told me you are dying in November. Me. This issue of the. Give my life was an instruction from God to sleeve to you as my church there was supposed to be there in November. So you had no idea when I set up this system so that I make the C or this one, this one I was organising for when I will not be here.

All of you just saw Levi preaching. You had no idea it was me pushing them forefront so that I leave them doing what they were called to do. When I would come here, laugh on the stage, smile, laugh, you were not seeing it. Because when you are the Benny one, death is not death. You know, some of you are starting to think now. Oh my God. I called. My wife said. Look, this is what is gonna happen. Another two more people I remember and.

And this is just my prayer. Sickle. And our prayer team is 8 people that are specialising on just me and them just ate. I never told them I was just sending them. They are hearing now for the first time. I was just hearing them. Longevity, long life. They say, can you prove, well, what do we pray for? What is the the prayer point? I’ll just give that as the main prayer.

And they were wondering why is it just repeating this? It’s different when the devil tells you you are dying. But when God is the one telling you November, you’re off. And the angels, not even angry, is smiling. Put your house in order. You know if you are told a week before you might have a little bit of panic on how do I move this thing. No, I arrange everything I’ve not done with regards to properties. We own everything with the title deeds. This this, this. Send get a conference with my son.

Send them this. Send them, they send them this, the the value of the properties. And they were all shocked. Like, wow, we all we own this building. We didn’t know that building was ours. We didn’t know they were all thinking. It was just about buildings, me and you. I’m leaving them where things are so they know. Trained Levi to minister, to preach, knowing it was November.

I would be how would you survive with no fight? You. You. One person just gosips about you. Hey, hello day. You have not experienced the fire. Much April, May June just. Angel arrived in the room. And I’m sleeping. Got to the headboard like this and stood by me like this. Smiled, looking at me. Went to the foot of the bed, smiled.

That’s it. This is one of the days. That’s it. And left. I’m thinking maybe he’s here to give me something else. No 0. After that I went to the other month and they arrived. So get your house in order. In November will come to collect you. I have a lot of books. I wrote a lot. Not about death now. Things I knew you would need when I’m not there. Now you see. Let me let me reiterate this when it’s the devil who tells you you are dying, it’s a different story.

But when it’s God who tells you, you are going. Do you understand that there is a scripture that actually? Has this kind of. It implicitly says it, that if God bewitches you. No one can deliver you from it. And they’re not giving me the reason. The reason I don’t know it later on. Nothing to do with anything I had done wrong or here or there.

There were things that he had told me to push forward. Do this in ministry, do this in ministry and I’d go in another direction. Not even a sin. Listen, you can’t do a goddamn favour without his permission. Ask Perez. Go to Perez uza. A man tried to touch the act to help. The act was falling. Is it? Let me grab the axle. That I can put it straight, God said.

I told you the rules are you don’t touch the act. Killed him right on the spot. The man was trying to help him. Are you hearing me? Paul wasn’t whooped by a high priest. Who is not even a Christian high priest who is not a Christian whooped Paul, Paul said. Why would you beat me? Is told, someone whispered that he is a high priest. Said sorry Sir, I did not know he was a high priest because the word says I should not say anything against the rule of my people. Listen, this man is not even a Christian. But he’s just a ruler of Jews, is it? The Lord forbids me.

Just speak evil of you. I was wrong. He’s the one beaten, he’s the one apologising. Beaten by a non Christian, I say. Yeah, I can talk to about him if he’s a non Christian. Pull. So imagine God says, I want you to advance in these countries and you don’t go to those countries. You go to another country because you think if I do like this, I’ll come back and have these courses. Imagine being told by God himself you are going. Jacob is loaded with the revelation of Israel.

Israel shall serve the nation’s. Jesus should come out of Israel and listen to me. He delayed the Jesus coming by 20 years. Because it’s still working for the wife. Listen to this now. Listen to this now. The Lord said. You’re going to go. Fast forward, I went to meet Pastor Chris. I never told him. Why am I not telling my own father?


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