But the point came he wanted to carry out another hypothesis. And he wanted to find out, is it possible for me to make myself? That was that was when God began the project of mine. Because God created angels. They are strange beings. Mica is a revelation of power. So when Michael comes to a place, even if he’s not talking the energy he brings to that place, the energy level will change. Because everything about Michael is power. If Micah enters this building now, before he introduces himself, all of us will be slimmed. He doesn’t know how to speak for himself. The power goes ahead of him if Michael learns in Abuja. Many kings will die. Wicked kings, you know, you know. You know how Herod died? Herod died because a king entered the territory. Because everything about him is power when Gabriel enters this place. You will just begin to notice. Because there’s a room where they don’t talk. You know as you are known. He is a custodian of mysteries, so when it shows up you will just know. If Gabriel walks past you, you will know because he’s a custodian of mysteries. He is a being of mistress. And you know in the angelic land they carry the environment.

When we leave church, you will leave your environment behind. Angels are not like that. When an Angel is going, he carries his environment with him. The spirit Ram is a strange ram. Is a strange run when the spirit is moving in conflict is environment. That’s what they call atmosphere. They carry the environment so the environmental Gabriel secrets and mysteries so when they come we know things. Most times when you function in the prophetic anointing and end and anger in the order of Gabriel stood by you. And so you look at somebody, you just know what is in the person’s heart. How did you know you entered an atmosphere of a being? That’s how they operate. They called the environment. So God displayed enormous creativity when he fashioned the angels. When he wanted to create man, there was nothing external he could do anymore. The only thing he thought of. Was to make himself. I want to sit down and watch myself. And that is why the glory of man, unlike the anger, is not external. He had to hide the glory of man because he didn’t just see that glory that we know. And they may begin to worship man. So he said he has hid this treasure in 18 vessel. So when you created map, because man was a representative of God, he didn’t put the glory outside.

Michael’s glory is external, good rest, glory is external, but the glory of man is headed inside. And that’s why Paul said this is the mystery of the age. Christ in you, the hope of glory. So. David was carried to heaven. And he heard angelic debate, and some of the things David had now brought David to a state of sobriety. And David began to ask God what his man is not, who is man? What is this being? We have seen everything you created, but what is man? The reason is because when you want to define a man, you can’t define him after any other except God. So the simplest way to define man is God in dust. They’re different. The simplest way to define man is God concealed. So when God looks upon man.

And created my God had to rest because I don’t need to walk anymore. Because when man is walking, God is walking. There isn’t God rested on the 7th day is because God has completed the project of creating another God. And that’s why he said yeah are gods because you are the children of the most high. And when Jesus came, Jesus did not contradict David. He said it is written here are gods because you are the children of the master if you say you are gods or to do the word of the Lord came and the scriptures cannot be broken. You are ghost. Why did you think God rested on the 7th day? Because if God is working on the seven day means two gods will be working. If that is, if that is breached and another one is breaching, you will be distracted now. So when one is breaching the other one needs to rest. So the one in heaven was resting. So that the one on Earth can walk. That one on X is the one now functioning by the wisdom of God. By the purposes of God. By the will of God, so that one on Earth cannot work unless it’s in alignment with the one in heaven. This is why when Moses wanted to create the Tabernacle, he said don’t build because you are creative. They say make sure you build according to the patterns on the mount. Because your standard cannot be different from my standard. You are like unto me. The moment you step out of my realm, you will lose order and the quality assurance in the spirit will contradict you. And when you are contradicted, it means your essence have been defied dude. According to the patterns that are ready, so every time you are living your life and you tap into another wisdom, it was not an advantage you actually declined in standard.

You actually depreciated in quality because you were not supposed to look upon any other spirits to create. Because no other spirit is in the order of Elohim, only man was created in the order of I know him. So when man begins to converse with other spirits, what that man did was that he denatured. What that man? It was that he goes down in class. When man wants to function, the only one man is permitted to look at is the one that dwells in the secret, because that’s the only one that is like him. That’s the only one like him. When you consult the spirit, you did. You don’t. You didn’t know who you are. You went down, you declined. And that was why when they stopped and came to the garden in Genesis Chapter 3 and advised the man. And the man obeyed. God came. God was shocked. What, you mean? Another spirit is giving you counsel? Are you not aware?


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