You cannot go into 2023 without a word. You must hear something and you must lambano something. Your victory in 2023 is not human connection. 2023 is a political year. You will see a lot of betrayals. Dollars will change hands. Neither will change hands. Politicians will cross carpet. People will go to ritualist. There will be a lot of accidents. There will be a lot of evil. Plans to take innocent life. You need a world. My brother’s sons will betray fathers. Fathers will betray children because of the nature of that year. And so it will be important for everyone to find insurance in the everlasting world of God. A world must be sent to you every month. You must catch a word. Every day you go out of your of your room, because no day will be the same. If you don’t have the word, you are a victim. This is why this message is coming to you now and is coming early.

That before you go make sure you reward is with you. That ward will be your defense in Matthew Chapter 8 from verse. It here’s what the Bible said. Jesus was to go to the House of its central to heal the daughter. And the man knew the power of the Ministry of the Saint World. And he said, Lord, I’m not fit for you to come to my house. It’s a send the word only. Speak the word only. That means only the sent word is enough to deliver to you what you are looking for. I know there is a crisis with your business. You need a world. I know there is a crisis in your neighborhood. You need a world human. Assurance will not suffice

in 2023. The only thing that will suffice you is the word of God that you have caught and so make sure you carry with you words you will need. You will need a lot of words in 2023 for your business, for your safety, for your family, everything you are vitally involved in. Make sure there is a world, because 2023 and the years to come with try everything you are holding on to it will. Test your conviction. It will try your faith. It will challenge everything you stand for. The only way you will go through is when there is a word that you stand upon that will not shake you. Isaiah, Chapter 9, verse 8. He sent his word to Jacob.

Enlightened upon Israel. Ghost technology of preserving his people is to send words to them. I know you walk through 2022. 2023 is not a year you want to enter on the basis of luck and chance. If I asked you now, what is the world you are standing on for your safety? Is there a world? If I asked you now, what is the word you are standing on? For your family? For your marital breakthrough? For your business? Is there a word you cannot afford to go any further hoping on lock and chance? Make sure you carry your word so that when the devil comes, you will check your quiver and bring out what God said. I was in a Barbie saloon. When the word of the Lord came to me concerning what we are doing here. See, This is why we speak audaciously. We are not talking because anybody promised anything. Neither are we talking because we’re arrogant.

We are talking because we are sure that what God said he will bring to pass, he say. I will watch my ward and I will hastily it to perform it because God’s integrity is credited to his wall. When God speaks, God comes under pressure to perform. But if God did not speak or has not spoken, then there is a challenge. I sat down to cut my hair, suddenly looking at the screen. That was supposed to show me the image of a clean haircut. I saw. It’d be bought and written on. It was encounter Jesus. Wow. Written on it was Abuja. Wow, I saw the color. It was yellowish. That was why I told them.

Make sure the first logo is yellow. That is what I saw. I’m not coming here to be creative. Every creative person will be defeated by spirits. I’m coming here because I saw and heard. And when we entered the town, there was no money. Me and my wife were were lodging in an eBay and be apartment. Meanwhile we came into the city. But we’re dead. Following what God said, it was from following what God said that what God said led us to the people he planted with him. A friend was supposed to do a prayer retreat, and he pleaded with me to follow him. So we entered the office of the Pastor whose church we were going to use. When he saw me, he stood up. Meanwhile, we’re coming to tell him, please, my friend wants to use here for retreat, if you will allow us, he said. Sir, I have followed you for two years. I’ve got everybody I know to get your number. Nobody can get it.

How did you come here? I smiled. The reason we’re in this hall is that pastor. He was the one who got this whole. He was the one who negotiated. He was the one who did everything, did all the talking before we came here. But because the world went, fought, we were just following the world. The world took us to who we needed to meet. The world created the money we needed, the work created the influence we needed, and so everything was from the place of rest.


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