The baptism of fire with the bond servant of Christ. Where is the spirit of Paul? Apostle Paul simplified his spirit as his fate that he kept. He said. I have fought the good fight of faith and I have finished my course and I have kept the faith. I will not leave with the faith. Can I bring it home? Dodge is the spiritual Paul Lutetium in the atmosphere. What is the spirit of Paul? The passion. The fire. The frequencies that he provoked in the Rams. The Potters that he opened. The dimensions that he assessed. The footsteps started talk. Then I. Prince and Prince of his footsteps, he that finds the ways that Paul walked. The fires that he commanded to the sale of the Earth, the passion that he lived in and walked to it, they are in the atmosphere.

When the latter departed, he left dismantles that thing he left. What’s the glory of war when he prayed? Fire resided on it. Passion was in that comment. And the larger took the comment of the man of God.

Where is the spirit of my father? Where is the God of my? Wow. The reporting faded into two another way.
If you find. The footprints of Paul. You’ll be able to find the places you went, the dimensions he ascended to the fire as he contracted. The depths, he assessed. The precious he suffered.

The distresses he went through. Persecutions he went through. The trials. Man who carried the genuine glory of God, we are never found asking for material rich. They never asked for material riches. Man die to this wall. Because you cannot be entrusted. With the powers of the ages to come. If you have not died, you can act like you have it, but deep down in your heart, you know you don’t have it. Because the results don’t show it the earlier we humble ourselves. I stopped crushing, crushing. Praying, tearing until we encounter the power. Of God the better. At least some men in the days of Jesus had the capacity to host the passion, the fire, the spirit of Elijah. The spirits of man made puppets. It can be hosted. The walk of Abraham is still in the Rams.

They’re all captured on in this act. There’s a time you’ll pray until until until you’ll be amazed at the person you will cost you. Capture in the realm would be Abraham. Because you have entered into the spirit that Abraham has sexed. Why on earth? Then suddenly you realise that Abraham is the custodian of this dimension. Satan, you’re pushing the spirit and you break through. You push for the hearing of the spirit and the sharing of the spirit. Suddenly you realise that in appear to you. Because Anna walked in that part. He’s the custodian of that knowledge. Listen. If you truly see enough, he will not lead you astray. Except you saw a force in Iraq. So don’t be afraid to capture custodians of realities in the heavens.
Because enough belongs to Yahweh forever and can never say things that are contrary to your way. How we know that you dispirit you saw or how they encounter with this of God is if the things they say are in harmony with scriptures. Well, Shaun the Baptists by vechi, of discharging, but virtue of the distresses of the flesh, by his capacity to dwell the wilderness all the days of his life, eating on the honey and laughs, he ascended and captured the spirit of Alijah. How do I know? He lived like a larger leaved. The custodian of that lifestyle possess.


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