chronicles, Chapter 12 and verse 32. My God, I sense the power of God in this place. First chronicles 1232.I don’t know where you are under the sound of my voice, but I stretch my hand standing upon the grace upon this altar, and I decree and declare right now. Right where you are. Let the power of God rest upon you right now. High Peak autos, second hip hop. Let the power of God rest upon you right now.

Let the power of God rest upon you right now. Let the power of God rest upon you right now. Please bring them out. Let the power of God rest upon you right now. Let the power of God rest upon you right now. Let the power of God rest upon you right now the door that has stopped your season. We have come by a rod of a higher priesthood to scatter that door and release you into your true Millie in the name of Jesus Christ. I’m about to pray right now in the spirit of God is ministering to me.

There are people here having the spirit of delay sitting upon your life. The anointing of the spirit is going to come upon you right now. I don’t know where you are, but in the name of Jesus, at the count of three, I want you to shout the name Jesus and that fire will rest upon you in the name of Jesus. Are you ready now? What of life? Are you ready? Shout Jesus. Help that man. In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of delay. Louis got people right now. Lose touch people right now.

 Here delay be broken. Delay. Yeah, that Jubilee conference. No shadow even lights up mountain. You won’t climb up coming after me. No, all you won’t keep that lie. You won’t tear down. Calm enough to me. No, shadow, you won’t light up mountain. You won’t climb up coming after me. No wall you will keep down like you won’t till now.

 Except. Listen to me. If God be God, I am saying it again. Anything that followed you here to mock the name of your God in the name of Jesus. As we celebrate Jubilee, we declare that is a season of Exodus for you. First chronicles. First chronicles 12 and 32, can you see it projected? Let’s read it together in concert if you can 1/2 read. And of the children of issaka. Which were men that understood the times to know what Israel ought to do. The Bible says the heads of them were 200, and as a result their brethren were at their command. There was. It’s strange tribe of Issaka. And the Bible says.

This men were not the most skillful. Are we together? This man were not the most privileged. The Bible does not record that.

The distinguishing feature of this tribe is that for some reason they place value on discerning times. And as a result. The Bible says there were. They had authority and they were ahead. Their brethren were at their command. Please pay attention. Knowing then that life operates based on the law of times and seasons, how do you then maximise the seasons of your life? Because every man according to the law of time and chance, the Bible says it happened to them all. That means every poor man based on the integrity of God.

There was a season in his life that if he knew something he would have done in that season would have changed his life. Every man struggling in ministry according to the Justice of God. There is always a moment where an opportune time comes, but it will look like any other day. Listen. I want to show you something right now that will bless you. Are you ready? So the Bible says the sons of Issaka possess 2 qualities that we need to receive tonight. That is the key to maximizing seasons. Number one is the faculty to discern times #2, the ability to know what to do 2 things. John Chapter 5. Let’s go to John Chapter 5. Beginning from verse one, please pay attention. This is where the key is now. After this there was a feast of the Jews. Listen carefully and Jesus went up onto Jerusalem, reading to verse nine.


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