Listen. Let me tell you what happens to you when you begin to pray. You are tampering with something. Is tattoos code that the flesh is used to. The flesh will fight you. When you pray. But when you stay and you continue praying. You will get to a point where you will begin to gain dominion. Over the flesh. Let me show you something. At chapter 28. At chapter 28. Let’s start from verse one. At chapter 28 from verse one. The Bible says and when they were escaped talking about Paul. Now please pay attention. They knew that their island was called Melita Vastu, it says. And barbarous people showed us no little kindness, and then they received us. And helped us in the cold. Paul is speaking next verse. The Bible says when Paul Goddard. A bundle of sticks.

Look up, please. Paul gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire. And there came a Viper out of the sheet and fastened on his hand. Look up, please. When Paul was gathering that stick, there was a Viper hiding there, but he could not be seen. But when they brought that stick into fire, the Viper that was hiding found his way out. There are times you may never know the tendencies that are hiding within you, all the loss and the cares. But when you submit yourself to the fire of the spirit, everything that is hiding waiting to destroy your future, it begins to be exposed in the presence of prayer.

It is in the place of prayer that whilst you pray, all of a sudden God reveals to you that there is pride, the Viper of pride, hiding, waiting to destroy the next 20 years of your ministry. There is the Viper of lost, There is the Viper of self purification. In the place of prayer, the Viper is both exposed and destroyed. Open your mouth and begin to pray that everything hidden in my destiny to destroy me, hiding in my life. By the power of prayer tonight in the name of Jesus Christ, let it be exposed and destroyed, and their people of prayer in this superb.


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