Apostle Joshua Selman: The reasons you need silence in 2023

Learn to keep secrets until the time is due and the atmosphere is right to speak. You don’t have to say everything happening in your life at the moment. You must first and foremost wait until there is a due season. Not every information is for everybody. And I say this especially for many of us who have very strong family ties. If you hit your leg, even your uncle in the village must hear that they hit your leg and everybody calls in in in concert and say sorry. You have headache.

Before you know it, you’re extended your third cousins. I’ve heard that you have small headache. That kind of life will land you in misery. And Mary kept these things to herself. He says, set a watch over my mouth. This mouth has landed me in trouble.

The Bible says a word spoken in due season. How good it is. You have roommates. God is doing something in your house, but you went about telling people how everything is bad about your house. Now God is changing your house, but the impression they are spreading around is that your house is a grief. Jesus died for how many days did he die? Three days. Some people were busy spreading rumours. You know that Jesus is dead, whereas he had resurrected.

And Jesus looked at them. There are certain people you were not supposed to share your past with because you cried that day. You told them everything and now have a little quarrel and they say, I would disgrace you here. You know me. I I forget about any coin. I would disgrace you here. Koinonia, word. What teleports you? I would disgrace you here. Who is it that used to collect money from Adamu? And you see and you are standing there, you are changed, but you kept an association and gave them an access that is destroying your life.

Are you getting what I’m saying now? Very important. In ancient times, when they wanted a king to reveal his secret, they’ll find a beautiful lady. And she said use the king. And then he would drink wine and take wine and take wine. And then she would lure him to sleep with her. And then you ask she will ask him all kinds of questions. That’s what Delilah did to Samson. Because something new, this rule. Manoah had been given an instruction. And she came what is? As long as he kept that secret, he dominated. He’s his rulership as a church in Israel was at the mercy of his keeping distant relationships.

The Philistines saw him general relationships. They wanted to know, how do we access this guy? Men of God, be careful with women. Let me warn you again emoji be careful with women. Every lady you see, you are you are given a prophetic word. You just see her. Sweetheart, I have a prophetic word that is personal to just to continue. God is watching and destiny is watching. One day you will wake up like like who like something and you find out that your glory has. I’m not saying ladies are evil, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying be wise. Hallelujah. Be wise? Be wise? Somebody came quietly and you say do you know that this phone is 250,000 person and let me see it, which let me see it and then the evening you don’t find the phone again.

You see I’m, I’m, I’m suspecting this person whether you are suspecting or not is gone. Do you know that my father sends me 100,000 every month? My father is a senator. Are you aware? And this somebody just entered the room. Now, in fact, my father wants to campaign for this and that and that say, well, really, the person may be sincere, but the Bible says the birds of the air have picked it. Prophetic atmospheres. My blessing you. Do you know that Godwin is going to marry me? The way he has been looking at me, he sent me a text. Come on, you will see the text. And the other lady said let me see.

How are you mean is Godwin you say, OK, two days later Godwin doesn’t call again. One week later, Godwin doesn’t call and he calls and says, sorry, this marriage cannot work again because somebody went and said, let me tell you about this lady. It’s not like I hate how. Let me just tell you the truth. This lady you are seeing ABBA yourself. You have paid the price for your destiny. You deserve the consolation all kinds of stories.

And now the person waters down this lady. The lady may be doing it. Sincerely. But there is a prophetic atmosphere compelling her to do what she’s doing. Have you not seen that some of your friends join some associations and all of a sudden you start seeing certain things in them? Anger, pride. You understand. Somebody who used to greet you all of a sudden now looks at you. Let me how are you? I hear you’re a person now give me 5 Jerry and you are wondering.

I’ve seen all kinds of people. I’ve seen people who would have seen me before. I say good afternoon, Sir, not because it does anything to me today. They just see me and they way they pretend as if they don’t see anything. And apostle sadova. And you expose yourself to atmospheres that ripped morality out of your life. You expose yourself to atmospheres. Some of you were respecting your parents until somebody told you something. He said continue behaving like a vegetable there.

Let them push you to do everything. How about yourself? One day give it to them and that day come now your father will talk and said Daddy. It’s not like I can’t do anything. I’m just telling you now. Don’t try me. From that day, no allowance. They drove you out of the house prematurely, and the friend who advocated that foolishness is is sleeping under a C and he’s leaving you to pay the price of lack of wisdom. It’s amazing that when people get you into trouble, they will tell you get into trouble. When you get there, they’ll call everybody.


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