Why do you think we do a lot of things, but we don’t see this all? We don’t understand what makes it work. Time for you to generate this energy. God can give you an instruction. We are sharing this money. Is is the secret of balance. Is it love, Mitchell? When something leaves, something comes for something to come. Something leaves.

So don’t touch they. They they balances in the spirit and it tells you to do something. Take it three days fast as you take that three days fast and your body is dead, is dead. In your spirit man opens and God bless you. So what you are doing is that you are emptying your body to be spoke with God. Sometimes you say, take it 10 days, 10 hours polls.

That 10 hours long has nothing to do with time. He has checked the page of your soul. He wants to saturate you. And as you pray after 10 hours, your soul opens up and God sees you. That’s the way you created the space for banner, he said. They lifted their voices and as they prayed, they place where they were was shaking and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

And despite would put this what happened to them they depleted goodness on their spirit when they threatened them never preach in the name of this man again. So the little goodness they carry disease from their soul. So they went back to the place of prayer. They were generating business. They knew what they came for is a transaction that Matthew Chapter 8 they said Jesus went to the mountain, prayed all night when is saturated. He served with energy.

He came down the first person he saw his hand was withered and he said. First time you are willing, you will make me who say I’m willing to stretch my hand. And the hand stretched. He went to Peter’s mother-in-law. She was taking whichever. He repeated the fever that same evening. He went up the moment he had energy. He wanted to do everything that time he knew.

He wanted to do everything. He hugged the man with the withered hand. He went to Peter’s mother-in-law. He left the track. What I know, he went straight to see it. And he went to the crusade. He said he heard every one of them that it might be fulfilled, which was spoken by Isaiah the Prophet, the land of civil and the land of Nathan. By the way of the sea beyond Jordan.

Quality of the gentleman. The people that sat in darkness have seen the great man. How did he do it? He went to generate power, and when he said that the power of displaced depleted, the people were still there. He slipped through the back door and went to the mountain. They said that people are sick. He knew that this thing is power. One item which is adjusted.

A new 619, they said they touched him and veteran loved him and read them all. He was feeling himself to dispense, and when he was on top of that mountain he prayed to the third watch in the morning and the people had entered the theatre again. He came walking on water. They had generated fresh energy so they can decide the law of floatation.

The new sidewalks. Every time he sees you he doesn’t wonder. He still walking the letter and I said that is not enough, let’s go over to the other side. He held the gathering mania. When the city came, he ran away again. And they will take his English language. Ah, God is good. Actually you. One day Peter, James and John, they wanted to understand how they still work, and I said, come with me. And he carried them to the mountain.

Matthew 17, verse two, and as he plays the fashion of his countenance was all time his limit. That’s where he refused himself. So every time it comes from the mountain, he does something. This is why spiritual men ask us. We don’t leave with everybody. It’s not because we don’t like birthday parties. It’s not because they don’t like to go shopping. It’s not because they don’t like swimming, but they they need to keep generating energy constantly.

Why do you think people who marry spiritual people suffer? Because most times they are depleted. So the guy comes from the crusade. Everything you say he’s just currently. And then you are like, my husband is an angry man. No, he’s not angry man. Virtue has left him. When he’s he, he he becomes loving again.

And if he wants to maintain order, he needs to constantly receive. Many people are depleted too many times. So the same thing God did yesterday don’t see today, and you are going to love. Did I say no? You didn’t see him, but you didn’t come with energy. If you generate energy, you will see it every day.

That’s why it looks as if Jesus live on the mountain, Moses live on the mountain somewhere, live in North America. Not for someone 19. So he sent soldiers to kill him. French judges saw come from Iran to the prophet because he knows the prophet now something that defies comes arrows and bows. And when they came, some were carried him to Lahore, Kumar Nayak drama where he generates energy and they stayed there. The soldiers were coming. They banned me. That covered the environment. The energy generated became the leader and when the soldiers entered into the reader, they began to professor. Nobody impacted them, nobody taught them. Listen, they began to process our they sent another batch, they showed up. They began to professor and so thought they were foolish and so killed himself in his own case.

That time the energy level has gone so high. So professor naked all night. Maya JAMA, the pace of incubation. You are not powerless though you don’t take advantage of what you use to generate energy. Yours may be tongs. Poor is always speaking in tongues. So poor didn’t spend too much time in worship meetings.

They said I speak in tongues more than all of you because he knows his own purge is pounds. There are some other people that is watching. If what charges? Who is watching? Kill yourself there washing from Monday till night. Night. Money, money tonight, after the after you provide the intercessors for three hours, leave the intercessors and begin to wash it. Because when we pray for some time, all of us enter our elements. And when we enter our elements there are prophets that Minister by sound, so they begin to look for the sound. The moment the sound come, they are transported.

There are other prophets that move with noise, so that prophets sometimes it is a mechanic village where people are talking as people are talking, us walking around. It’s looking for his. This is because when that noise come, he helps him to harmonise his energy. There’s another prophet that hides in the quiet place. So when his child, he goes to his solitary play. When he’s there, he begins to see the song. No, your dimension and why, you know?

Apostle Michael Orokpo Messages: What you need to know about Jesus to get Power.


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