. In the Book of Proverbs, Wisdom, even cries. Wondering why people are not interested? In hot pursuit. And it says wisdom is the principal thing. Let’s look at James 3. Write from bus 13 to 17. But the verse of emphasis is verse 15. From bad starting. It says who is a wise man and endured with knowledge among you. Let him show out of a good life his works with meekness and wisdom. Bus 14. But if he are bitter envy, internal strife in your heart, that means there are some with levels of wisdom that only produce this. Glory notes, and lie not against the truth.

But 15 Are you ready? He says, this wisdom descended not from above. So we see the first kind of wisdom. This is the one we’re talking about the wisdom that comes from above. Hallelujah, the apostle is contracting. Is is contrasting it. Wisdom that comes from above with other kinds of wisdom 1. The wisdom that comes from above this one is given by God alone. You don’t read for it, you can’t search it out. Let’s continue. Number two, he said, bought his earthly. So we have earthly wisdom, human wisdom. What we call common sense. The ability to know that if you touch fire, it will burn you.

The ability to know that you cannot sit down on water ordinarily. Actually wisdom Sophia. Hallelujah. 3. Sensual wisdom. This is. The wisdom that you get through study scientific wisdom, philosophical wisdom. Hmm. Wisdom that comes through studies. Hallelujah, that’s the kind of wisdom that makes all of the things that we have. That help us relate with our environment. And then the fourth kind of wisdom. A Bible calls it. Devilish or demonica? Wisdom. This is the wisdom that he’s gotten from the underworld. This is the wisdom that you get by. Your alliance and your allegiance with Satan. This is the wisdom that was used to build Egypt. A type of Babylon. It was the wisdom that Pharaoh and the Egyptians used.

And they accomplished super natural, extraordinary things. But here what the Bible says by 17, this is the wisdom we’re considering tonight, he said. But the wisdom that is from above. Come on now. Where is it from? Is not from the Earth realm. I will show you that you cannot find it. It does not have a physical location in the earth, right? Is first pure. Peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy. And good fruits without partiality, without hypocrisy. This is the wisdom we are talking about, this dimension of wisdom that cannot be gotten in this Earth realm.

We song from our booth. Above and beyond anything that you know. Everybody said receive that wisdom. Hallelujah. There is this dimension of wisdom and there are men and women who are working in this level of wisdom today. Solomon in scripture, the Bible says that Solomon had an interaction with God and he was given this wisdom. And. The rain of Israel during the dispensation of Solomon as theologian stellos is the closest to the biblical portrait of what the millennial reign looks like. There was no war. Hallelujah. Solomon became king, and he brought rest and abundance to the Nation of Israel. No war. There was peace and tranquilly. By this whistle. And tonight, I pray that we will find it. Where we’ll find it. So that you and some of your family Members will rest forever, I pray for you that you will find it. There are some things that when you find they become life, they exempt you forever. Hallelujah. Job 28. How do we access this wisdom? This supernatural ability.

That is not just found lying around. This wisdom that defies scientific wisdom, wisdom that is bigger than studies, wisdom that is bigger than age. Age does not give this kind of wisdom. This is the wisdom that when they gathered around with job. Many people were speaking out of different wisdom, earthly wisdom, sensual wisdom and Ellie, who said, he said, I was young and.


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