You see what is happening in our nation now. There is a lot of fear. And. Listen. The Lord showed me something. I hope that in one of the days I will have the opportunity to share. I saw something in a vision that made me fear.

About certain things that was coming on the body of Christ. It’s not exactly negative. But it will have a negative effect. Let’s continue. 1/2 read. Go up to the mountain. Uh-huh. And bring wood. Stop. Stop. The Prophet is written by the spirit. First instruction. Go up to the mountain. 2nd instruction bring.

What is your purpose of going up the mountain? To bring wood, just follow me carefully. I don’t know what wood is doing in the mountain because at the last time I checked, you don’t grow woods on the mountain. The Bible says go up to the mountain. And bring. And then use that wood to build the house, not a house. Use the word you get off the mountain to build the house, and I will take pleasure in that House that was built from the wood that was gotten up the mountain, and then it says, and I will be glorified, said the Lord.

Go up to the mountain Koinonia, and bring wood. Use the wood that you bring to build my house. Are we together now? Of course. Prophetically, he was talking about physical temples. But now you know that the House of God is not a physical structure. You know that. So every time God talks about building his house, he’s talking of building his ecclesia. You understand that, theologically speaking, the House of God today does not mean a building or a church.

It does not even just mean systems, it means people. So it takes root. To build people. We all have livingstones builds into a spiritual house. I went together now tonight. Go up the mountain. And bring wood. And build my house. And I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified when my house is built. Listen very carefully. There are there are many instructions about the building of the Lord’s House, and one of which he tells us that.

It takes ward. Whatever that wood is, we know that is something you do not yet have, and so it says the location of that wood. Is up the mountain. Not to the forest. Go up the mountain, listen carefully and get moved. And then with that move, go and build my house. Matthew Chapter 5. Quick in our eyes. To see. In the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus was teaching. In what we call the Beatitudes he was teaching

Let’s start from 4. Matthew Chapter 4. What we know as the temptation of Jesus now there are three levels of temptation that the devil presented to Jesus. I’m interested in the third one. The first temptation had to do with your individual hunger. Are we together now? Jesus had finished praying and fasting 40 days, and the first person he would meet would be Satan himself, and then Satan tells him turn this stone to bread.

Second temptation, he takes him up. The second temptation had to do, which is spiritual convictions. Are we together? He took him to a holy city, Satan holy City. Satan Holy City took Jesus of a holy city and set him on a pinnacle and said Jesus, fall down, throw yourself to the ground. It is written, he shall put his angels so. It was a temptation that related to his spiritual life, that related to his spiritual conviction. The first was his hunger, his individual life. Then it says no, I’ve gone past that level.

Then the second thing affected his faith, but the third. Was a very strange one and that’s what I want us to look at. Matthew Chapter 4. If God is blessing you say Amen. Verse 8. While reading to 11. The thought temptation read with me who read verse 8, and then I’ll continue. One to read again.

The devil taketh him up into stock, not towards, into. The devil taketh shine. Who is the him? Your Jesus take catch him into an exceeding high mountain. And what happened when they got to that mountain? He stood from that mountain and saw the glory of the entire Earth. That there is a mountain a man can’t stand. And from that mountain you can see the glory of the whole Earth.

This is the mountain that Satan took Jesus. There were many mountains, but you knew only one would be worth tempting Jesus in, and he took Jesus to that mountain. The Bible calls it an exceeding high mountain. And then he showed him the kingdoms of this world and the glory of them. Next race.
And say it to him. All these things. What things? The kingdoms and the glories I will give thee. So the mountain is a place of exile.

This is how to conquer the devil in 2023: Apostle Joshua Selman


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