Because when most things came to federal, he didn’t ask him the name of his God for a nomenclature purpose. When they say who is your God mostly dropped his staff, they staff became a snake. What he’s saying is that my God is the God of power. And the way the federal also responded is to call his wise men and they too dropped their staff. When the staff of Moses swallowed the staff of the wise men of Peru, they now knew who the God of Moses was.
So the way you introduce yourself in the spirit is by power and mostly showcase so much power that a point came. He became a God in Egypt.
They were mostly dealt with. Federal is actually the way every man should work on it.
Muslims will show up and say.
Let my people go.
That they may serve me, the God of the Hebrew have sent me.
And federal would say I won’t.
Moses was alright since you refused by this time tomorrow frauds, we visit and we will go.
See, you don’t. You don’t negotiate with evil, you power them out of your atmosphere.
What’s this? We go and rest, and that fellow, we go and say please come, we’re about to die. Moses will show up again. He said please, please. I changed my mind, OK? Because you have. They will leave tomorrow. Here we go. After they leave federal. Now say I won’t.
So that kind of thing is not negotiation by mouth, is negotiation by power. Because there’s an even in the heart of these beings that only power can humble them. No matter what you say, they will argue with you, but when power comes in, silence is the argument.
And some Muslims will show up again since you refused, by this time tomorrow lies we visit. So Moses was sending errands. Since I’m talking and it’s not making sense, I will send Iran through other agencies. And finally when Moses came, he told him there will be a cry in Egypt.
Such as I’ve never been heard.
All the first born sons of men and beasts will die.
And he told fellow something, he said you will never see me again.
Ohh God of mess.
When with this kind of generation emerge now, federal is the strongest person on Earth at that time.
Moses came to him and said, you will never. That means my coming before you is a privilege, and because you have abused it this nine times, this 10th one is the last. You will never see me again. And true to Moses’s world or the mighty men of euro drown in the belly of the Red Sea.
Because that night when that plague came and everybody died, there was cry in Egypt. Pharaoh sent to Moses and say, please go carry everything, and Moses went.
And to show you the power is not only against wicked men. Even nature will respect you only when you have power. When Moses was coming, there was a sea truncating and obliterating and impeding the possibility of crossing over, and Moses turned to God, and God said, why are you turning to me? There is a power in you. If you don’t know how to use it, you are you are in trouble.
Is this stretch us your rod and mostly stretched it, and Moses came back to tell us what happened in the spirit. Because God is able to do only when your own power is walking, he said. With a blast of his nose trees he parted the Red Sea. That means God would not have used the blast of his nose three except as the power in Moses was at work. So in the collaboration begins from the heart.
And you would know the strange things that happen.
That’s not the casual miracle many things happen there.
All the wheels in the water were stopped.
The activity of the whales stopped.
The water patted, and the water did not just part. He froze.
That means temperature changed. The temperature or the environment changed because the water fruits, it became a block, standing like a wall.
And then those of you who understand about see you know that.
AC is actually a bit.
This is not a flat ground, I think that brought that.
That means the earth grew up too.
So many things were happening at the same time when that wind passed.
When they crossed.
The Egyptians, they thought it was a joke. The Bible said in Hebrews Chapter 11 verse two. He said by Faith Moses and the Israelite crossed the Red Sea is a weed Egyptians are saying to do. They were drowned because what was happening, Moses was in control of it. This is not a fluke. If he tells you tomorrow you will be blessed. It’s not luck and chance his power at work and so when they deliver is talking, he needs to talk from power. When you tell somebody that this week a door will open.
Is not lock and chance. Nothing happens by lock and chance is power that makes things happen, and so they receive. You must know how to engage this miracle. Working power is because that is the only basis by which the voice of the adventure will be silenced.
If you don’t have power in your life, you are a victim. You are a priest, and the day of battle we reveal it. The second reason why the power of the Holy Ghost must perpetually be at work in our lives is because it is by power that God is glorified.
Imagine if Moses wanted to start a school in Egypt to prove to the people that there is a God in heaven.
Egypt was their school, the the territory of Philosophy and wisdom.
The first civilization of knowledge was systematised and institutionalised in Egypt. You can’t beat them. They are called wise men of Egypt.
They were the first people that were addressed as the wise men. Wise men began from Egypt. You don’t beat them with human intelligence. The only thing you can use to counter them is power, because the language of power is simple and clear. It’s either the blind eye open or it doesn’t.
Is that the deaf ears open or it doesn’t. Power does not have ambiguity. Power is clear, is simple and is short, and so the only way God could be glorified was when power was at work. In John Chapter 2, verse 11, after Jesus turned water to wine, the Bible said this be the first miracle of Jesus and he did it that he will show forth his glory. That means when the power of the Holy Ghost is not at work, God cannot be glorified, he said. When I leave, he said another.
Comfort are will come, and he will not speak what he knows or what he has said. He said he will tell you about me. He came to glorify me. And so the way God is glorified is when the power of the Holy Ghost is at work, and so the power of the Holy Ghost.
Is necessary to ensure you from the rich.


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