It doesn’t cost you any. Jesus, all you need to do is believe and confess. But for you to become a star in this Kingdom, you will pay prices. In March. Chapter 16 verse 20. The Bible said they went out. If you don’t pay the price to go out, you will go on the street. You will go on the crusade ground.

You will go from nation to nation, from territory to territory. I’m talking about the price you pay to become a star in this Kingdom. It’s not just I’m born again, I’m a star of God. No, it’s a day that turn many to righteousness. These are the prizes, they say, and they went forth. How many of us have gone forth? And preach everywhere.

How many of us have gone everywhere? This is what make men stars in this Kingdom. And he said the Lord walking with them, confirming the world with signs and with wonders. So you must go out every star in this Kingdom, drop their reputation, drop their integrity, drop their glory. And they went to the street because God is interested in souls.

In Romans chapter 8 from verse 32 they say if he did not withhold his only son, but gave him. For us how shall he know with him? Give us all things, if God is giving his only son because of his soul. Then you should know that it means everything to God. In John 316 he said for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life. So Jesus said, I am come to seek and to save the lost sheep.

Of Israel there is a seeking that is currently going on. Men who will become star wise men and men who are wise. They seek souls from this conference. No week will pass without you winning the soul to the Kingdom. If you need to go to the market, if you need to talk to your colleagues in the office, if you need to go to the street, if you need to go to the crusade ground, you will become a sole winner because, you know that’s what makes a star in this Kingdom. Please, I’m not just talking about preaching in the conference like this. Here with equipment.

They really walk is in the mission field. That’s where you’ll meet the rebels. That’s where you meet the fornicators. They kill us. They Barbarians that don’t care about God. That’s where you put your life in jeopardy. I’m not talking about wearing a clean suit and a tie and talking to people about the word of God with Queens, English. It’s beautiful.

But there is an assignment. He said. He gave some to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the Saints for the work of the ministry. The work of the ministry is not. For the five food, it’s not the evangelist that whistles, it’s not the apostle that wins souls. They apostle their evangelists, they profit. They pastors and their teachers equips the believer. It is the believer that does the work of the ministry.

So quit this mentality of sitting down and say Daniel Kolenda is coming with this mentality of sitting down and said Doctor Paul, Nature is coming. You are the one to win souls. And that’s why I said they went, fought, they went fought. From this conference you will go fought. From this conference you will not wait for somebody else to win Souls and bring them to church. You will not need Pastor to tell you that come to church next Sunday with someone. You will make it your responsibility that I will not come for service until I bring a soul to church. When you come to church and seats are empty, if you break your heart because the men who are not sitting on this seat, they are sitting in clubs. They are sitting in beer palace and will not come here until you find one of them and bring them here. If you need to spend your money to do it, you will do it.

If you need to give your resources to do it, you will do it because it’s called the labour of the Kingdom. You will not understand meekness, patience, and long-suffering until you start winning souls. Sometimes we stay with one soul for three months and then you are talking to the person about Jesus and he doesn’t care. You will build pigeons through Kingdom patience. You will build it when you start winning souls. You don’t understand meekness until you begin to win souls for Jesus. You can come to church and talk to people the way you want. You can talk to your brothers and sisters the way you want. Not when you meet a drunk, not when you meet a fornicator. You will understand that it takes meekness to truly approach these people and speak to them about the Kingdom. Most times the reason we don’t allow God have his win or lives is because we are not deployed into winning. You want to be a Kingdom star, so winning will become your preoccupation and this Kingdom will not be over until you become an accidental winner.

You must preach Christ and him crucified. When you want to do the work of an evangelist. You don’t preach about Moses? There’s so much, let’s say you will learn from the life of most. You don’t preach, enock. You don’t preach poor. Mossis is not the gospel. And knock is not the gospel. In a discipleship class we can draw lessons and principles from their work with God. But when you go to the street to win souls, Paul said we preach Christ and him crucified.

The message is Jesus. In first Corinthians chapter 15 from the street to verse four he summarised the message into three. He said we preach Christ crucified, died and resurrected. That is the three food message. He looks simple but that is where the Excellency of Gods power. You can come to people and tell them Jesus is the son of God. He died for your sins. He was ruled from the dead for justification. He doesn’t make sense, but wait until the Holy Ghost come upon it.

Wait until the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit alights upon it. That’s when you will see a drunk suddenly hears it. And what he’s seen or what is hearing is not. Jesus died for you. He is beginning to wonder. You mean me that think I’m useless? God is mindful of me to send his son to die for me.

What manner of love is this you are preaching? Jesus died. He is hearing the love of God because the Holy Spirit is the master soul winner. He is the convictor of seeing. He said he will convict the world of sin. So when we go out, all we need to do is to talk about Jesus. And when you talk about Jesus, you will be blown. What God we do with that simple message?

How to become Stars in 2023 – Apostle Michael Orokpo


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