The moment you find yourself looking for money, you have missed the law. You will never find money. Money is not missing. Don’t look for it. It is attracted by who you are becoming more than what you do becoming is greater. Undoing your evolution and your transformation is greater than what you do. Can I tell you this? You will prosper largely because of who you have become more than what you do. But the people that do know they are God is starts with knowledge. Listen carefully. It says they shall be become then they shall do exploits. It starts with knowledge transformation then action. Most people get it the other way around. So you find many people Christians, what business can I do to prosper me? What job can I get to prosper me? You are missing it. You can do 30 things. You will get the same result if it’s the same mindset doing them.

It is not the business that is failing, is the mindset that is doing the business that is making it fail. Are we together now? That is why the wealthy are not wealthy, because of the business that prospered them. The wealthy are wealthy because of the mindset that made the business they are doing to prosper. Every business that you are you’re failing at someone is succeeding at. The difference is not the business, it’s the mindset. When you have a car and you drive that car to a ditch, don’t blame the car. The car was supposed to obey every direction you take it to. So if your incompetence as a learner takes it tells the car to go to the left, it will obey you when you see that car hitting the tree. Police does not arrest the car, they arrest you. Because the problem is not the car, the problem is the driver. That driver is your mindset. Are you learning now? Please come inside. They just come for a moment.

Let me just use you for an example. Watch this. This body you see. Everybody look up and learn. This body you see. Is only an instrument of execution. This body does not have a will of its own. Anything you see the body do that translates to the result of your destiny is only obedient to your mindset. If I take my hand and I slap this man, the hand is innocent. It is the mindset that told the hand to slap. Are we together now? If I take a gun and I go to kill, the gun is innocent. The mindset instructed the body to hold the gun till it kills because it believes it cannot prosper by dignity. So your body is only a slave to your thinking. When a man slaps his wife and beats the wife, there is a mindset that teaches you that if you beat the living daylights out of your wife, she will respect you. Maybe it came from culture, so your body becomes a slave to that thinking. Now let’s assume. God forbid, but let’s assume this man is an armed robber. Shoot this armed robber and let him fall to the ground. Let’s also assume that there is another man standing here. Come. You sit back at your keyboard there. Watch this. Let’s assume this man is a pastor.

Shoot two of them when they fall down. Do you call this an armed robber dead body? Do you call this a pastor dead body? So who was really the pastor? And who was really the armed robber? Not the bodies. They are all called dead bodies. Now watch this. Let’s assume this man is an armed robber. There is a mindset making him to steal, to kill, and to destroy it. This man is a pastor. There is a mindset making him to preach the gospel and to love Jesus Christ. By the time this man gets saved, he can come here and the ones I’m robber suddenly changes his body did not change his face, did not change, his voice, did not change. The only thing that changed was his spirit and his mindset. So when you want to change men, what do you really change? So why have you been focusing on changing clothes and changing cars and changing jobs? It looks like the obvious problem, but it is not the right one. You have changed every other thing except the real thing that needs change.

Can I tell you when everybody is wrong? Is proof that the problem is your length of sight, your mindset? Is someone learning? So when the Holy Spirit comes and wants to build you, he will not give you capital for your business. You see some of those players who are praying is the mercy of God that is making that prayer not to be answered because God does not want you to waste money. God, if you can just give me 5,000,000 in this Abuja I promise you, you don’t even need to come and help me again. You just give me 5,000,000 and I will use the brain God. And you see in God’s mine all you are saying is Lord messy. I don’t even know what I’m saying. I’m confused but I need help and he comes to you.

He gives you a book and he gives you a message. Go and meet somebody who is struggling financially and give him a teaching and say can you listen to this? He said no, you are wasting my time. All I need is money and you are telling him I want to help you. I shared it last week. This man can remove this beautiful attire he’s wearing. Not to insult, we pray that God transforms them. But you go to the outskirts of the city where you meet all these rough boys again. You know what is rough about them, right? It is not the body. Always remember, this body has always been obedient. It is the mindset that told the body to smoke. It is a mindset that told the body to sleep under a bridge.

It is the mindset that told the body to one look for where there is something to smoke. The body is innocent. Remove this same cloth and give those boys to wear in one week. Their mindset will tell on the cloth. This cloth is clean. It did not iron itself. The body did not make it happen. Is the mindset that told the body to be sure that it is neatly dressed. So all of the confusion around our lives, we blame our bodies. We blame all of this. It is our refusal to be transformed. This is not just for your finance, it’s for your life. We’ve dealt with the subject of mindsets. We come from different cultures, we come from different backgrounds, we’ve gone through different levels of whatever it is.


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