There is the gospel of. Salvation and that is the revelation of the father’s love revealed in and through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Man and creation being the object of that sacrifice. So when it has to do with the love of Jesus revealed through what we call the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus. As proof of his love for man and then the entire creation, it is called the Gospel of salvation. And you see in the communication of the Gospel of salvation. It is about the father.

And his benevolence and his love to man. Are we together and Jesus Christ being the mediator? But now all that man does in the Gospel of salvation is to believe that report and to receive by faith. And the Bible says that if and when we believe that the life of God, what we call eternal life, becomes the blessing for believing that report. And then we move past that dimension of the gospel and we get to what the Bible calls the Gospel of the Kingdom. Unlike your pastor rightly said, the gospel of the Kingdom is how believers become mature when you teach the gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus Christ is no longer save you. He is king. Are we together and? Those he died for are no longer seen as wallowing, looking for salvation, but they are now responsible sons and daughters in light. And the gospel of the Kingdom is your communication of love and gratitude back to God for what he had done.

You see, when you teach the gospel of salvation, everything is all about what God did and you receive. But now the Gospel of the Kingdom is your response back to the king. Now he is king seated and he has a desire within his heart. There is a drive and it is your assignment to understand that which the king desires to see and to plunge your life and your destiny constrained by your love for him. So most believers, when we stop just at the level of receiving salvation and all of the rewards that come as far as the gospel of salvation is concerned. Immaturity, weakness and then? One.

We are never able to satisfy the heart of the king. This is why conferences like this are designed to help us give us further enlightenment as to the matters of the Kingdom. So I’ll just take maybe one or two thoughts for tonight and then we’ll get to pray. Hallelujah. Let’s start with Matthew Chapter 6. This is Jesus himself teaching on the Kingdom. I’ll begin my reading from verse 9. Matthew Chapter 6. And verse 9 blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus is teaching his disciples how to pray. In fact when you read looks account for for time sake will not turn their board looks. Account of this came as a response.

The disciples said teach us to pray. As John taught his disciples to pray and then Jesus began to caution them on a few things and then we get to verse 9. Here he says after this manner pray. Now, we’re not teaching necessarily on prayer tonight, but he said after this manner, not by this recitation. There is nothing wrong with reciting it, but he’s teaching you a protocol to prayer, he said when you want to approach prayer that is effective in this Kingdom, this must be your approach. Number one, when you pray, you are approaching ABBA father, that your prayer must be patterned after. The consciousness that the one you are coming to is ABBA. ABBA. There is father, it means source, it means sustainer, it means defender. So that when you come to God, you do not come to him as though you have Plan B. Your approach to prayer must be that you are about the only one who is able to hear, to protect, that all things come from you. Are we together? And then 2, he says.


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