How the Apostolic Ministry Works | Apostle Arome Osayi

Anointed. Fresh. So I saw. First of all, how I. There are 19 I had was the teaching anointing. I began to teach with certain level. And then I saw the prophetic anointing I could teach and professor. I could teach and prophecy.

I could teach and professor and I was doing that faithfully. Faithfully. Faithfully. And then I began to teach. I began to prophecy. I began to see people get healed. All of these expressions came because there was a fresh anointing that was not existing before. That has been released into the ministry. Giving order new areas of authority. New areas of ability begin to flow in your ministry. Hallelujah.

A time now came, then the evangelical, now rested so I could preach on the crusade. Conveniently, people are convicted, they come to Jesus, and then they receive miracles. They cannot stuff that an evangelist would do. And then when they finished doing that, I can take them to a place and begin to disciple them, going to teach them, because I have the ability to teach our nonsense.

It’s very difficult for you to see someone that can finish on the crusade and come and he can disciple raise the people. These are annoying things and that’s why they Apostolic. You are multi gifted and that’s the difference between the apostle, his multi gifted. There can be many things because he has many annoyance and the reason is not because he. He is better, it’s just that he has more responsibility.

So the hallmark of the Apostolic Ministry is sacrifice. If you see someone that wants to be saved, it’s not an impossible. Maybe he was or is no longer. He also can be released with people, and mighty men will rise if you don’t see mighty men accompany a claim of apostleship which is not true.

You can’t take a man from nothing, a man that people have written off. And he begins to insist because of teaching, because the teaching begins to love. It begins to teaching, begins to love him. And after a short while he speaks, refined that man can be sent back to the same place where they despise him, and people will they’ll be compelled to honour.

That was only split with the same kind of stuff that was upon David Davidic and not when you hear me say the least among us will be as strong as David. I’m not saying it as a condition. Davidic people that came to meet David in the wilderness were discontented where they were in debt.

They were tired of life. It was out of those disenchanted men that he raised warriors. If it is true that the Apostolic spirit is there, then mighty men will have to rise from that place. And if there is no evidence of the rising of mighty men, there is no apostleship, because the proof of apostleship are people that are mature, that have been raised, and they were not castrated.

That their potentials were not cut off. You know there are places where your growth intimidates. Ohh one of the signs of wonderful apostleship is their ability to be able to release people into their desk. It’s not everybody that will labour with you, but generally it’s a Kingdom that is going to profit, right? So yeah, you can. You know, we have released many people and the joy is not that we did that.

The joy is that they where they are, they are doing well. But I’m still here. Do you know it took one month for me to rest of the stress in my body? One calendar month.
I just became normal 3 days ago. You don’t know the sacrifice. Not just the sacrifice in terms of of of of money, that that one is also inclusive, but the sacrifice in terms of the fact that you, you, your life is not yours. Your life is what? Yes, it did, mate. It. Lady accused me. Is it God that is telling you not to attend to me? You you have one after the service, I will you. Where they get my number from I don’t know.

But people people forced me to be their past. I said I’m not your pastor. These issues you can please look for your past. Somebody is supposed to be in your life. I am a voice in the body of Christ, but I’m not a pastor to you, is it? Is it God that I said. Everybody wants to migrate where the anointing is active and that’s why we need to we, we need to be, we need to be many. Many are not able to take the world. Ohh. We will keep raising people.

Even at the age of 70, I would. I would sit down. I will sit down. I will still be teaching and training and leading prayer so that people will be raised. People will know God. There is an anointing that makes it work is an ability. It’s an authority that comes from God. I want to end with this scripture. Jesus Christ.

Might have to stop him. After stopping. I local merika Paramus. We went to one nation to preach, and when we came a war they cannot. This kind of uploading that. Evangelist Philip is I just. I just appeared like that and then looked at me because everybody was.


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