The first key. That controls the prostitute for attaining onto mastery. Having understood the foundation that life is spiritual, you want to translate realities from the realm of the spirit to be made manifest in this realm. The first key is understanding prayer. Please write it down. Don’t assume you know what I’m saying. Understanding prayer I can tell you many people pray, but very few people understand prayer. There are many believers who cannot tell you the role that prayer has to play as far as their actualising destiny’s concerned. People just pray because you were born into a faith experience that prioritises prayer. So when we say open your mouth and pray, everybody’s talking, we’re saying all kinds of things and the results show that we are not gaining anything. Listen, let me tell you this, generally speaking, this, this, I think I’m. I think we will have to look at it. There’s a scripture in my mind. Help me, Holy Spirit. Hi, guy. Hagai. Chapter one. I hope I’m right. Haggai, chapter one.

Please give us verse 5. Every time something goes wrong in your spiritual life, the Bible mandates. That’s right that you consider your ways. It means there is something wrong with your approach. While reading 567 but let me take it slowly now. Therefore please go back to verse five. It says toss sayeth the Lord of host. The reason why things don’t seem to be working for you consider your approach. There is something you have not understood verseux.

It says you have so much. Look at the various conditions that necessitate you considering your ways you have so much. A lot of effort but little results. It says you eat and you do not have enough insufficiency. You drink but you are not filled with it. You clothe you but there is nothing warm and hear that earned wages earned. To put it in a bag that is full of holes. Look at his describing negative conditions and his same. Consider your ways. There is something wrong with your approach. The outcomes are a report card that you need to strive. For mastery. Are we together? You have sown, there’s some little results, but there’s nothing much. You eat, but you are not satisfied. There’s insufficiency. And then verse seven he mandates you for the second time consider your ways. Everybody said the ways of God. This is very, very important. So one of the keys is prayer, James Fife and verse 16. Let’s discuss on prayer a bit. If most believers understand the power of prayer, I want to quote something here.

While I was studying for this series, I came across a very simple quote by EM bounds. For many of you, you have studied EM bounds. Em Bounds was an authority in the School of Prayer and he wrote something that is very powerful. I want to quote it. Please listen carefully, he said of what infinite importance is the place of the intercessor is the place the intercessor holds. In the Kingdom of God, is it not indeed a matter of wonder? That God should give men such power is a question he said. Yet there are so few who know what it is and how to take hold of its strength and pray down the blessing of God upon the world EM bounds. What is trying to say is that. The intercessor, he’s speaking with respect to intercession, and he’s saying that most believers do not know the kind of power God has given them in prayer, and that only few have understood.

That if believers knew the power that was given to them in prayer. How that they can rein down blessings from heaven, they can convert spiritual riches and realities and give them material expressions if they truly understand prayer. In March, after 11 and verse 24, Mark Chapter 11 and verse 24. Therefore I say unto you, what things soever you desire, when ye pray not if he pray, believe that he receives them, and ye shall have them. Please look up. There is nobody who ever gains mastery in the Kingdom, mastery in converting spiritual realities into their material expression. Without understanding the Ministry of Prayer, Efficient Prayer is taught. You don’t just pray, you are taught to pray. In Luke Chapter 11, I think it’s Luke Chapter 11 from verse one.

Let’s look at it. I hope I’m right. The Bible says and it came to pass that as he was praying in a certain place that he being Jesus, when he seized one of the disciples, said unto him, Lord teach us to pray as John taught his disciples, everybody who prayed properly was taught to pray. This was not an issue of prayer lessness like you’ve heard me say. It was an issue of praying amiss. They found out that they were dissipating a lot of. Energy in prayer. But the corresponding result was not much in that energy. And they said there’s something we are doing wrong. We have watched your prayer life, Jesus, and we see the profound results that come. You have gained mastery over the storms, over the sea, over the sick, over spirit, and we see you retreat to a place of prayer. Please teach us what you are doing because we are tired of guessing. And Jesus began to teach them the subject of prayer. Can I tell you the truth? Just praying arbitrarily? It will take the mercy of God for you to gain mastery even through that approach to prayer you must be taught. Most believers do not understand the jurisdiction of prayer and the assignment of prayer in the believers life. I cannot teach this enough. I see people pray sincerely, but very few people can bring forth results. Can I tell you? You’ve heard me say, nobody leaves what works? The reason why there is a lot of prayer lessness and struggle is that believers their their laxity to pray is a report card they are telling.


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