When you pray, favour upon your life, don’t pray and say God use my uncle, that’s that’s that’s fake prayer. There are 7.2 billion actors for this movie. Don’t limit the producers capacity. Living to decide. To a YouTube channel and you can like and share all our other pages and platforms and the Lord himself will truly bless you. Bless you sincerely. I’ve advised us ladies watch out for these things in saying yes.

Who does say yes carelessly and say time is going. The urgency on ground requires men and women who know how to bond incense. Please sit down. There are spiritual forces. That shape the minds of people. And then they sent me a text. Recently. She just graduated. As soon as she graduated, she said she’s been feeling like tearing her clothes and running on the streets now. Do you think an intelligent person would behave like that? How many graduates have you seen that the moment they finish on their way going home, a little kekenapep just turn and left them there till I trust him and climb them. How many people have you seen? Final exam, final paper. They just find something on the ground and say that’s it, you are gone.

There is no such thing. That is just, is no coincidence is the manipulation of spirits. You have an assignment to sanitise your atmosphere, let them know you are alive. Start with your atmosphere. Sometimes I walk around my house in the night, especially when I’m around. I’m just walking around my house. Do you know, not too far from my house there is a graveyard. I’ve not seen one ghost 11 ghost. Where will it enter and come to my house? Dealing with matters of destiny, not not a ghost coming from somewhere. What business has the dead, the living to do with the dead? I even wanted to buy the place. They told me that they have their graves there. Suppose you don’t buy. Why? Dad, you are dead.

I think it was an incantation and he saw it and he gave it that they should want to help him and cook it. They had already caught it, so why waste? Why waste meats like this in the name of nonsense sacrifice? God does not love wasted, he said. Gather the crumbs, that there be no wastage. See, let me tell you this. If you do not know the power of prayer, you will fear demons to death. Hallelujah. We sit down and allow spirits to roam around our houses. I know a man true story in jaws years ago. He was slapped by I don’t know if he’s a ghost or his spirit. He he walks down in the teaching hospital and he said he used to hear that means the what they call that place Dr where they keep much worry in the night while doing his work two Storey he will hear like discussions you know like people have woken up and they are talking true story. At one time he attempted. He shouted. According to him, they shut off, and he I don’t know whether he he wanted to open the door or something. I stand before the God of heaven, and I lie not. And they they, the spirit slapped him. Until that man died. He did not recover. Spirits are real. Don’t wait till you see them. They are real. My mother once told me a story.

They went to bury someone. This thing did not and I’m not sure. It’s more than 6-7 years they went to bury someone and physically as they were dropping the coffin, fire physically, fire came out and killed some people. Not parables, not vision. Fire came out and killed some people. Have you seen people that they buried and you found the man back in your house? All these things will remain when there is no prayer. Just saying I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Hallelujah. That’s not the way it works. We are legislators, we enforce things. We don’t trust with things. This wishing mentality will cost the church a lot. Well, it’s impossible. Who am I that the devil will not come? Jesus went to fast. Satan went to join him. He was fasting. Satan was fasting too.

He was waiting there for 40 days for Jesus. Who do you think you are that you will not come around your vicinity? From whence comments down Jesus as Satan, he said from voyaging to and fro there was not a place that he did not go to. Have you considered my servant job? Yes, I came to his house is only that he built a fortification and I could not access. Hallelujah. Right now people are afraid. 7:00 o’clock people have to lock up their shops in many areas. They are losing in business. Why? Because from thoughts somewhere will come and we lay them and loot and steal money and the church is just quiet.

Don’t be like Esther. But be like Esther. You sense anything around your vicinity. You don’t wait to understand what it is. Stop your wife and say wake up, she prosciutto. When you do that twice 3 * 1 month, the Devil will know where to pass. See, let me tell you this. Whatever you allow to happen to your life, don’t blame God. Whatever you are allowed to happen to your family, don’t blame God. I’m. I’m waking us up. That territorial Dominion truly happens on the strength of priesthood. Not a need given.


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