2023 Prophecy for HH and Zambia || HH is Anointed by God
HH will Change Zambia in 2023 || Zambian Prophecy


I want to say to this to Zambian people. Hallelujah. They praise ambient people for that man, that president. Hallelujah. If I was them, I was going to. Put that man in place. All the time they pray for him. They put him in prayers. They pray for him.

God say they pray for him not to change, not to what. Change. Why? Because God say. He is having the heart of his people. I said that three weeks ago. Two days ago I had that is, Zambia. Kazanjian Courage is the biggest now in Africa. From down, it’s up now. So they pray for that man. If they pray for him. For God to give me wisdom, he’s having a lot to do. Not for Zambians only. But for Africa? So they pray for him. Zambians. Not zombies, only I will. If you the problem Africans were jealous too much.

If you say let’s pray for him, they’ll say it’s not our president. But me, I will put him in my prayer, because what I saw is something called. They have to put him in prayers. For his wisdom. To lay his wisdom, all his wisdom, down on the ground. It’s not gonna benefit Zambians only. But the whole region? They pray. In 2023 going front if he’s not gonna change. A lot of investors, they’ll flock in Zambia.
A lot of companies. A lot of people, they will enter in that country in 10 years coming. We’ll be talking about something different. But you pray for him. Remember people, they sleep at night. They watch. They roll. They wake up changed. All presidents, they start good. No one was good like mukabi, huh? Uh. Hmm. Later he changed. No one was good like Gaddafi. Later he changed so all they changed. So put him in prayers. You pray with Zambian people. Hallelujah. I will repeat again. I say they put him in prayers not. To be smarter, but not to change. Already God gave him wisdom because he is having his people’s eyes. Is getting his people here that man? Hallelujah. He knows what he’s doing, but pray for him not to change. Something good. Is rising there?

That will that will not benefit only Zambian. But the whole Sadak region Hallelujah. Because the blessing of your the neighbour is my blessing. Tell your neighbour. Your blessing? Is my blessing. Yes, because can’t eat alone. They will share food. They will share everything but God say a lot of people will flock to that country. If he’s not going to change because President, they change, especially in Africa, we’re having a problem. Africans, they change too much, so we pray. Put him in prayer. God bless you. Thank you.


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