Another Amazing TB Joshua’s Prophecy Concerning 2023 Revealed!!! 

You would need God more than this year because of the challenges that I had. You need God. But many situations that will arise next year, you will know that is beyond human, so you need to be taken back to God. When you take note of all I said, even including me, I say about myself, everything outside the nature or the war, there is no single one that has not come to pass.

If I’m the one that is preparing the message myself, I’m just guessing to tell you what is going to happen. I will not be Speaking of my own too. But I say everything that is good because I’m a savage. A servant cannot be greater than master. I told you that what will happen September, October, November, December will be more than what will happen 10 year together. Do you know what next year hold for you? Where there’s no vision, people perish.

Thank God. You know my track record. Only God can show this when we get there. You remember what I said. We are going somewhere. You know vehicle. If you drive on the road is close, you stop. Abby, when we stop on the inside the vehicle we also say active Doctor has said it to. They said the vehicle will stop and they will start looking at ourselves. Everyone.

No one will escape screening. You know screening when you are travel to other country, you get to where you get to the airport. Abby, you asked you to do your hand there. Use machine whether you carry some strengthening. This is how we want to strain everyone. After straining you, they will tie you there. You will be on that chair chair. You leave this world, Cheney. You is being on sea bed for the rest of the night. And no one will hear your voice, your firm, your popularity will go down. You’ll see.

What of that man? That man? You don’t know this man. And maybe he has died. No, he’s not that. He’s on the sea bed. Many will be straining. You’re not straining now. If you get to the airport and the screen you they see any any exhibits, would they allow you to go? And that is the way what is going will go through. By February, March, April, we know where we are going. The judgement is very, very close now. And many nature all over the world will will be looking at many country as an example.

This is it will go run all over the world. No. If the hotel continue the way it is, no one will serve God. Again, people begin to say, Are you sure there is God? Evil people, evil. They begin to have majority following them because they they get prosper with what they are doing and people begin to say, oh, these are the way people begin to join them unless there is no God.

The God that created heaven on Earth where if there is no go, what are we sitting here for? So what we are saying is evil people, they get more followers. And if God is not come down with his righteous hand on us, you that sitting down, you join the evil people because you are just at the edge of following evil people.

I say you are the age of following them because you have to eat. You don’t want to eat? You need food. That is my prayer is that God should give us the time to sit down and remember what TV industry has said. When time come. What has happened today? And you say God will not come with his fight your hand like your soul.

If you know where your children are now as you’re sitting down here, you pity yourself if you know where they are now, you cry. You know, but not to give us a special place telling us what is going to happen ahead of you. And you see it happen one by one. This is what the manager said it has happened. That’s the message you can’t begin to pray over it.

By the time you enter January 1 and you have all the prophecy you can now put it on your time begin to prevent. If you can go to the mountain and begin to pray and fire prayer. This one we don’t want it. This one we don’t want it. Well we want this one this one we don’t want it. We want this one. My you don’t say we don’t want are those staying closures.

This is why people in the world they don’t understand what God does not want. For you are those things that is telling us this is going to happen. Please. Why this thing? This is what is going to happen. Are those things. You show us what you desire. He doesn’t need to show us what is happening.

Your party is what is happening. Everywhere, all over the world. Similar challenges. Show flights Nation and the team is spreading everywhere.

Cannot tell you what to do, but this is the message. But all I can say is that God is coming down with his righteous son. The screen you you pass through the screening machine. So please. God is the answer. You will need go next year more than this year. So much as more of God God possesses initial. That make men easily trust in him. Ask him. I need more of you, more of your nature. In Jesus Christ name.


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