Hear What Apostle Selman Said About Celebrities
Hear What Apostle Selman Said About Celebrities

Celebrities Should Get Born Again – Apostle Joshua Selman

I’ve told you that doctrine has doctrine gives you the coordinates for administering the gifts of the spirit so that no matter what you see, you see them through the lens of doctrine. Before you interpret them. Are we together? So, for instance, if we’re rounding up now, I forgot that it’s a Monday morning service. You can imagine I was thinking video. Goodness.

Imagine that The Lord opens my eyes now prophetically, unless say, I see a spirit behind this, my dear sister. Now my interpretation, wrong or correct, will no longer be God’s fault is dependent on my accuracy of the world and my establishment in doctrine. Are you seeing why random importation Jesus refused to do importation. He said I know you people sit down and learn Importation will happen after three years plus 40 days. He did not impact on them to one preacher gave them his name Like I give you my a t m. It’s not your own. You use it and give me back so you can trust the fact that I have money.

He was not anointing. They used to do No, no, no, no. He gave them his name. When they return with it, they could not do that. Miracle again. Read Your Bible is the only one who left Jesus independently. I now have the name and went outside of his command. No,

I can see this spirit. And now if I am sound in doctrine, I should understand the character of God and the way he operates that every revelation as far as it comes from God is for edification. Are we together? So I’m not going to put here in this lady now If assuming God forbid her, my dear, assuming that I see that I just have a vision of a ghastly motor accident I won’t come to this woman and say, Madame, you are dead on Tuesday, Mark Mark Tuesday.

I don’t know, but may God help you. I will pray for you. But with what I’m saying, you already gone. Now it may be true. Watch this now, because visionary experiences work like time zones. Some people enter morning before orders so you can keep how the morning looks like if you tap into a particular time zone. That’s how visionary experiences work.

Some people enter tomorrow before orders, and yet we’re still in the same breath. Geography has helped us to know how visions can work. There are people who are eight hours behind. So while other people are almost getting to afternoon, that’s why some people are entering. That’s the advantage of visions. It can help you, all right. But it must be administered within the boundary of doctrine, the soundness of Scripture. Honestly, there is no hope for our spiritual experiences. If we do not submit them through the series of doctrine, the imagine of error will be so high it will not glorify Jesus Christ even though the gift came from him.

Now, if I am, If I have been properly mentored and I’m sounding doctrine, I will save my vision through the lens of the wisdom of the world. As I speak to this woman, there are certain information I will not even give you. Because number one I will be able to design your spiritual level and know that giving you this information now you may not be strong enough to receive it. So there are certain experiences. I will just withdraw it and intercede for you. If I sense that it will be profitable to tell you, then I will be able to tell you in a way and manner that does not downplay the victory of Jesus Christ. I cannot downplay the victory of Jesus Christ over something. No, what i’ve seen. What then is the Excellency of Dominion? What then is the excellent

Many of the finished work of Christ? What then, is the Excellency of the name, the blood, the world? Even if there is a legal basis upon which the devil is destroying you, a scripture should already give me stability, blotting out every handwriting and every ordinance that spoke against us. So I speak from that standpoint.

I’m able to administer the gift and the grace of God with accuracy. Because it is bounded by a sound is like there is a jurisdiction of doctrine. So don’t let anyone please pass those those ministers listening around the world Don’t let people intimidate you with gifts. They should still sit down and learned doctrine because I think that’s one of the things that people do around the church. People come, and because of their prophetic inclination, they’re automatically exempt themselves from the mentorship of doctrine. And they will cause confusion in that church, even though they are sincere people, because the devil sees the loophole in their spiritual understanding. Colossians Chapter one and Verse nine The three realms of knowledge to know to be filled with the knowledge of his will to be filled with no wisdom and in spiritual understanding.

We are then people today just because he prayed for someone or because he prophesied and we now say you are a pastor, you see, and that person is there and the devil is so happy he’s there because there is a fast. There’s an array of loopholes that the devil can choose anyone as he pleases. So you find out that sincere people become instruments of disaster. Let me respectfully say this as a round up this morning. We must not compromise on the conditions that qualify people to stand upon this altar and communicate the truth of God’s word. If a celebrity gets born again, he’s a babe. There is no instant maturity in the kingdom. We must sustain the courage to allow people pass through. Are we together now? If someone has been in error for a long time and he repents, he’s a baby.

Let us follow our altars once again and bring people who truly have been trained, even though we remain students in the school of the spirit. But respectfully speaking, we must trust God to to stand with a level of maturity that can sustain and lift up the name of the Lord, the level of childishness and immaturity upon our altars, from sentiments to tribalism to every kind of a plethora of things that doctrine was designed to cover.

We don’t have to fight the messages whether they are right or wrong. The messages are a result and effect of something. Leave the messages, leave the error. Don’t worry about them. Focus on the vessels. Let’s restore ourselves back to doctrine And in this school of doctrine, there’s no graduation. We continue in them. So whilst we’re done after preaching from a powerful programme like this, we don’t exempt ourselves and say, Have you gotten the teaching? We go back ourselves once again, let me refresh and you are reading Genesis like you just got born again and you are reading the finished work of Christ again. And then the devil now comes to tempt you and say, by now you should be pressing into deeper things and the spirit of God tells you, Settle down, continuing it.

I want to believe that part of the things that Jesus was teaching in those 40 days there were repetitions of certain things. I will not be negligent to put you in remembrance of these things, although he know them and established in this present truth


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