You you are given, you have been given actually two terms to reign over the nation of Zambia. Viewers all over the world, I’ve got a prophecy for the nation of Zambia. They said that the Lord revealed to me in line with the Nation of Zambia. Firstly, I want to speak to the President. I want to relay this information to the President of Zambia in this government. And I want to say to him that it is God that is allowed you to be in the office that you are in.

And God is saying what he is done for you. He allowed you to be in the office so that you. A reign over that nation and restore order. I have a few things that the spirit of God showed me and I wrote them down that he revealed to me a few days ago while he’s I was in prayer number one, he spoke to me and said he is going to strengthen. Your economy, the economy, Zambia is going to be strengthened. I saw your currency being strengthened.

I saw really your currency being strengthened, and I saw people’s lives in Zambia being changed. I saw the economy being taken to the next level and there are sectors that the speed of God said I must respect to you that are going to be pivotal in your economy being strengthened. The spirit of God said you, your mining sector. Your mining sector is going to be very instrumental in strengthening your economy and also your agricultural shelter and also your your tourism. I saw it being posted, I saw people coming into your nation and I saw God’s blessing your nation. And the third thing that spirit of God showed me was that. You have to be very careful. Why? Because. There is something that the enemy wants to do. You you are given, you have been given actually two terms to reign over the nation of Zambia. 2 * I repeat, he said to me.

I must tell you that as long as you are in that office. A lot of things are going to happen. I saw people. Coming from other nations, I want to for the for the sake of security, I will speak in a parable I saw. People. Or rather a delegates people from a nation in Asia. Investing in Asia coming in and they will be Speaking of investment. And they are going to speak of investment in line with lithium in also platinum is a spiteful reveal this to me, he said to me. For sure, in your country they are. Lithium deposits and they’re also platinum deposits that are there, but these people are going to come as if they have information that they’ve gathered in line with those deposits, in line with with those areas, they are going to come to you and they’re going to present a very. Sweet, so as to say. Or rather attractive proposal. Framed is if it’s in it’s it’s an investment. But what I saw is is you allowed them to enter your country as you allow them to invest in your country they they are going to demand more. Of the things that you were not expecting, it’s an Asian delegation that I saw in the spirit of God showed me that it’s going to happen. If not in the beginning of December, it will be at the beginning of January 2023.

The spirit of God said do not allow these people to enter your country and do not enter into an investment deal with these people. Yes, they are platinum deposits in your country, yes, they are lithium deposits in your country and the spirit of God said to me. I must tell you that they are. In a place that you, you, you, you have neglected or you where you least expect it to be. The spirit of what showed me that lithium deposits are yet. A national game park, one of your national game parks. I saw those in Spirit world reveal that in confirmed that to me. In these people they have sent people for sure into your country to go and scout.

They have information but when they come in as if they don’t have information and they want to enter into a deal with you don’t get into. This investment deal, that’s what the speaker is saying, was I saw their infiltration into a nation also affecting the political landslide. I don’t see you. I don’t see you ending.
Your second term. Still in office, I don’t see you ending. I don’t see you completing rather your second term of reigning in in, in, in in Zambia. And all this will be caused by these people, that is if you have to accept them, they are going to influence infiltrate your politics. But the spirit who is saying it’s not supposed to be so. Hence I have come out to speak to you. I would have used other means to communicate with you, but I saw it proper to release this through this medium. May God bless you. We are praying for the nation of Zambia. We are praying for the nation of Zambia. We are praying for you. Since in Zambia, the body of Christ in Zambia, let’s join forces in prayer and serve God. What God has given us as a nation is a nation or is the southern. African region your you being blessed as a nation. Benefits everyone in the Southern region and you being lifted up, your economy being lifted up, benefits also the Southern African region as a whole may go.


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