Let me show you four things that we do that is not a penthouse.
Before I show you how repentance is prosecuted.
The first thing we do that is not repentance is net conviction and not turning back to God.
As beautiful as conviction is, if we don’t turn to the Lord, it’s not repentance. You can be convicted of masturbation, you can be convicted of immorality, and you cry when you finish crying.
You see, you have repented and then next week you go back. You didn’t repent. What happened to you is a biochemical process.
That’s why if your relative die when you finish crying, you feel better.
You just cried and felt better. You didn’t repent.
Ox 2424 to 25 I want to show you a few things.
Because I want to teach you. See, there are things that we need to learn consciously.
I said no, this was Paul.
Brought in chains before Governor Felix.
And when Paul preached.
Felix was so convicted that he was terrified.
But Felix didn’t change.
Rather, Felix was looking for an opportunity to be bribed.
That’s what happens to many people when they come to church and you talk about seeing. They weep, they weep, they weep. After they are done weeping, they now feel better.
Or they go on for the kite, meet a lady and fornicate. Today they come back home. They start looking for a man of God.
I see it a lot. They call you and say they want to kill themselves. Now they want to die. They are. They are. They want you to tell them don’t worry, the Lord has forgiven you, don’t do it next time. Then they will start crying. Ah.
Next week they will start sending WhatsApp message to the same girl.
They’re proof that you repented is that you will go and meet the person and say this thing. We did the scene. We will not do it again.
And then you will go to a spiritual authority that you believe in and account yourself.
We have committed this scene. We want the law to help us.
You will confess that sin.
That’s the sign. And when you are done, you will delete the latest number, and you will tell her to delete your number. And you will tell the lady that if I come close to you, I will destroy your destiny. Don’t let me destroy your destiny. And you two don’t destroy mine. You bomb the bridge.
That’s how you repent.
You don’t cry after one week. And I’ll say, sister, how you doing? It’s been awhile.
Many times young people come in and say our person.
I said get out and meet your pastor. What do you want me to do?
Go and meet your pastor.
You know you communicated. You are running from your pastor because you want him to see that you are a man of prayer. You are hiding iniquity. You are calling me who is fat because I don’t know you.
And you want to go back to it.
Is your pastor aware of the condition you are calling an apostle that is 2000 kilometres away from you?
You are a hypocrite.
If you want to repent, delete that person’s number, burn that bridge, cut off that relationship and go and account to your authority. Don’t come and talk to a man who doesn’t know you because this one will not affect your integrity. You can still go to church and act like a spiritual man because you know if your pastor knows, you will carry you through a process that will chase who you and stop you never to do it again. That’s what you don’t want.
It’s saying that covered inequity shall not prosper.
Repentance is not crying. When you finish crying, wipe your face and then I will teach you how we do how we repent.
Is that and after certain days when Felix came with his wife Rusila, which was a Jewish, he sent for Paul and heard him. I’m sending the faith in Christ. Go to the next verse.
And as he received with him, see the things these men taught.
See the gospel they preached.
We come to church, gather 10,000 people.
And we are telling them principles of getting wealth.
What they can learn in Business School.
Is the richest preacher. Is the richest man on Earth a preacher? That means it’s not our job.
There’s nothing wrong in teaching the covenant of Prosperity once in a while, but that is not Jesus Christ.
Digit wasn’t a while, but it shouldn’t become the only message of the church.
See what Paul man like poor pot. He listened with him about righteousness, temperance, and the judgement to come.
This is the message that the dying world needs about the judgement of the ages to come.
There is a troll that no man can run away from, as I saw in the heavens a white throat, and every man on earth and in heaven appeared before that truth. They said books were opened and another book was open, which is the Book of Life. If your name is not found written in the Book of Life, you are cast into the Lake of Fire. And even those who died, he said the DSK they say hey was commanded to bring for the souls and even those that died.
Indeed, there is a judgement that is to come.
When was the last time have we taught the body and the church about the judgments to come?
About the ways of virtuousness. It’s all about money. You will be rich next week. You will prosper this week, which is nonsense.
If this man cannot come under the government of the Holy Spirit.
That’s why there is lawlessness and iniquity in the sanctuary.
It’s important is in these things with him.
When Felix had it, he became afraid and he said go.
But he didn’t repent.
Because Felix was hoping.
If you read the next best Napoli we bring, bribe.
So repentance is not just, hey I’m convicted of see I start crying. Ohh jeez Ohh Jesus when you finish this responsibility.
The responsibility of ending the protocol that fermented that inequity is the sign that you repented. It’s not just conviction 2.
Repentance is not what the sorrow.
There are two kinds of sorrow.
Godly sorrow leads to repentance, but worldly sorrow leads to death. Many people what they do is.


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