There are times that no matter how spiritual you are, you will need to subscribe to the law of time. And the reason why God allows time sometimes is because you are not yet matured and ready to receive that blessing. So while it is in process coming, he’s training you and building your mind. There are people today who, if you check their prayer request, yeah, what they wrote instead of them to write something, gradually they can write something like 11 billion or 20 billion and the.

And the person who is writing that kind of thing, he has never held even one million of his own money. I can tell you God is a God of speed, but it’s not a foolish God. 11 billion for some people may be like recharge card, but for some people that is what will send you to hell. And God loves you too much. His son died for your sins. He’s not going to just play with your salvation. 11 billion is a lot of money, no matter how much money you have. Are we together? 11 billions can 11 billion can do many things it can kill, including you. The holder of the money.

There are many things you have no business thinking about that it will force you to think about. There are many places you have no business going. That’s what I mean by Council. Everybody say patience one more time, say patience. Listen to me. This is where the devil cheats many of us. I’ve said this for many years. If God wants to give you, just to use an example, if God wants to give you 1,000,000 next week, Satan will give you 200,000 now. So that it will look plenty. Because you are in darkness, you will not know his five naira. You would think you have so much money until you come to the light and you find out that you’ve been piling 55 naira. Can I tell you every time you cannot wait for Isaac, you will give birth to Ishmael. Every time you cannot wait for Isaac. You will give back to what will fight Isaac when he comes. Hey, it’s true. Impatience has cheated many believers, many believers. Tweaks to your breakthrough.

But you couldn’t wait and you said, you know what, I’m resigning that job. As soon as you just resign, they just told you that all the people in your level, the company just had a breakthrough and they distributed all of them to go and be direct or somewhere you ran back and they don’t need this company again. Just go don’t near this place again.
I have learned the power of patience. Even in ministry. You must be very patient with God as he makes you. You must be patient with God as he builds you. Listen carefully. I’m wrapping up now. There are many of us right now. The one problem you have is impatience. You do not have the patience to allow the word of God manifest in your life that obsession for everything to happen. Now, it may not be like that. It is impatience that is driving many, many young people in this country.

To get into practises, what does money ritual seek to achieve is impatience. The person wants to become a billionaire overnight. Impatience. Impatience has pushed people to join gangs, clubs, demonic, satanic organisations. Covenants that would plague their children and their children’s children because of impatience. Listen to me. We live in a world where when people see you and they say, oh, I was your classmate, I was your this till now, you don’t have a car till now you don’t have this and that.

Usually you will feel indicted and you feel that pressure. There is power, impatience, because you give God a chance to prepare a table before you and with honour bring you. In two seasons, that would last. Are we together? Impatience is dangerous. It has destroyed people. It has destroyed ministries. It has destroyed businesses. It has destroyed relationships. It has destroyed marriages. It has destroyed families in patients. You need to give God a chance for his war to work in your life.

I made-up my mind that I will continue to press for the best of God. What can I tell you? Every level where God has not brought me in. I have no business going there. Whatever God has given me, if God gives me a cop.


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