I choose to be extraordinary. I choose to be a sign and a wonder. Not because I’m a man of God. I hope you know this has nothing to do with ministry. Two hearts for the devil to earn. That when they’re enchanting things about you and they carry your picture to a shrine, as soon as they call your name, the fire that will come out there will be an eternal lesson. That’s there are people and there are people. The Bible says there are many kinds of bodies. There are celestial, there are terrestrial.

Not everybody is the same. But everybody is the same. The person who takes my picture to a herbalist, my fear is not the person is the herbalist. Can you be so much of A threat to the Kingdom of Darkness that even at your default state, you are on fire? Hallelujah. I listen to a tape by someone. He’s an evangelist and he used to be in the occult and this is what he told me. Is that Satan brings. It’s like a blanket. The Bible says the God of this world, the God of this system, has blinded their minds. Hallelujah. And then the blanket is over people. And when they begin to pray, what happens? There is a breaking. That’s why sometimes when you start praying, you see that you sense that there is a resistance. You are struggling, you are moving, you don’t even know what is happening in the spirit and sometimes you just feel like sleeping and some of you just start and later on you are cleaning saliva and get up. You will not go far that way.

Brothers and sisters, I would lie to you. Anybody that tells you your prayer life is not important is the enemy you should be praying about. Hallelujah. And while you pray. There is the Fire of the Holy Ghost. I know you’ve had different teachings on fire. One day I’ll give you a scriptural teaching on fire. Fire is neither solid nor liquid. Are you listening to me? Fire is not threatened by anything. You cannot box fire and put it in a hole. You can’t even catch it, but you cannot resist the effect. When you put your hand, you can’t hold fire. You can’t. It’s not solid. So when you have people say Holy Ghost, fire, I know that there are all kinds of exaggeration, but brother, there is a separate baptism called the baptism of fire. He said he shall baptise you with the Holy Ghost and fire. When that comes upon your life. You enter the role of those who have registers in the realm of the spirit. They are called porch notes. And that’s what we want you to become. You look at someone. And they say this person has been oppressed by demons. And. You don’t just sit and say, hey, what shall we do? And then you’re not just trying to activate your faith. Bring it out. Bring it out. Activate it. No, no. You will rise to a plane. Where as soon as you enter the room, is the demons that will be negotiating.

Don’t say we know you will cast us, but we want to beg you. Can we give you where we want to go and you say go out, just leave. I was told that there was an event that happened in Redeem Camp. Some people gathered and they were praying over one demon possessed man and they spent hours. Because until you stand before the burning Bush, you cannot stand before Pharaoh. Hallelujah. And the man was peeling banana. The white man wore his hat and he was just eating banana. And you saw them struggling, He said. What’s going on here? He said. We are trying. He just came. He tapped the man. He told the demons out instantly all of them left. See, there are celestial beings. There are terrestrial beings. Not everybody’s equal in the spirit. You may wear the same jeans 2005 You may buy the same polo shirts. But when you begin to pray, there is an earthquake in the Spirit and they say, whose voice is this? Because the Bible says when the lepers, the lepers. In Samaria, they said, why we sit here until we die, Let us get up in the spirit. Their sound was amplified and they had Chariots. That’s when you begin to pray. They look at you in the Spirit and say, who is this man that looks like God? That was the testimony of the three Hebrew boys, they said. The 4th person we see standing looks like the Son of God. Rise up on your feet. Hi. Hello. Ah. Hello him Madonna. Haha. Ah. Hello, you Madonna. Hello. Madonna. Yeah. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hallelujah. But you must become the priest of your desk. Can someone just.


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