You met Tower to bring change in your life’s power to capture devils. Power to resist the devil. Eternal life is your access to commune with the father. So you are alive in eternal life to commune and have fellowship with your Heavenly Father. So internal life is your access to the heavenly realms to relax with the things of the spirit.

But when it comes to power, power is needed. When your consciousness is still here on Earth, you can have eternal life if you avoid a power. Satan can mix with your entire life. Your destiny, your marriage, your held, your business is up. Power is authority. Power is abilities given to us to withstand, to resist every opposing fire and tax of tactless.

You think my tongue is the metro tongue? A number of spiritual tone? No, these are tonnes of dimensions where we’re. The atmosphere against the changer demands and the atmosphere at the throne and kicked out of your positions. So today when I came there, when he anointed my phone, I the the power was so strong on me that even though I couldn’t stand upright even now it’s still pulling in my terminal and I felt like rivers of water is just emanating inside and from with Robbie I felt the importation of the fire of God. Even now as I’m sitting here, I’m still sensing that importation of the fire and the power of God.

Time I came here, I don’t see here as a church, but I see here as a ground of growing in a spirit. It’s not all over in the world. I’m coming from Germany, so it’s not all over in the world. It was such a powerful so when they laid his hands on me and the vibration of the Holy Spirit was so strong and I felt God really touched me by his spirit and by his power I felt for the first time. Something that I have never felt. I felt like he you see my body.

Became very thin. Like I became very light. You know, the body that I have. Was no longer the same. I had a very light body, which was like lifting and what and I experienced something that I’ve never experienced in my Christian walk. It’s like there was something that was the like something was dripping on me, something some some powerful things dripping on me and I felt a. I thought I was so light, you know, that he this body which is heavy. It was so light.

I was like lifting in a small body. And he felt very light. And they I had such a special encounter. I experienced, you know, the hand of God over my life, which I have never experienced. And to feel the holy cause in the Church of passage. John was amazing. When he’s lying. I our his hands and our heads. And. Yeah, just understanding the spirit revelation of this church is amazing. I felt like it was another dimension where it’s more like I wasn’t here anymore. It felt so, so different and I felt the power of God in me before I came here first. I had a lot going on in my life.

A lot, a lot of things that were blocked. Everything was there. And the moment that I started coming here to church, everything just started happening. My sister, she was called, she was called back, could come in future report. And I got a new job, which I’ve been. I was, I was praying for many years before it was difficult even to get a house.

It was very difficult when we apply for a new House, but now we’ve got a new House, we got a job we got. A lot of things that God has really, really, really blessed us as a man of God to us praying. There was this giant I can’t describe it was pointing. I don’t know. It’s something like the way I see it is like a gold


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