Watch this times 12 AM. 3:00 PM. 12 noon, 6 in the evening, or 6:00 AM.
These are powerful spiritual times. Around this times. What do you get?
Beats out the clock. The cross. 12639 If you pray at this particular time.
At this particular time, something was shift in the atmosphere for you.

Somebody had me. Something was suddenly shifting the atmosphere.
Because in the spirit, this time frame is often a powerful portal Rams,
open heavens, open dimensions, opening this time zone, and if you don’t
understand the importance of praying in this time, you will miss a lot.
That’s the first. Then you ought to learn about spiritual warfare. The
times you pray. And then the length of time you pray. The length of time
you pray. Time to pray. Time of prayer. The length of time now.

If you
cannot pray at least for an hour. You’ve lost it. Your minimum time of
prayer is how long? An hour. So it’s it’s it’s it’s good to start from 3:00 AM
and pray to 4:00 AM. But if you are not, if it’s not easy for you to wake
up 3:00 AM, make sure you don’t miss this AM. Once it’s six AM 6.00. At
that particular time, don’t don’t even start from 6.01. Once he’s six, that’s
666.00. That’s 00 is an open door. That open door is for you to load into
the day, into that moment. What’s your came out of the day? Somebody
hearing me now? I’m pretty like a layman now to everybody because the
simplicity of what I’m saying now can change your entire life for. If they
don’t, you’re tired. Put. Hey, what you gonna get? Is it time

6:00 AM. Time is 6:00 AM. Set again 6:00 AM. Put an alarm 6:00 AM. Nah.
12 AM. Might be tough, but put an alarm once it’s 12:00 AM let it blow you
up. I know your dad. Still be under beige. Yawning. How do you? Trade
about that, bad about that. Barabasi, just say something. Come on,
someone says. Just say something. Ah, Hallelujah. I, even though you
don’t know what to say, speak in parks. Hallelujah. The devil is a liar. You
and your family must succeed. Listen, I am committed to your success.
See that? You know, sometimes. We come under weakness so easily. The
Bible says that the spirit is willing, but the flesh. Is weak. Are you hearing
me? The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. So when you pray and
pulse. Your spirit is the one engaging. Sir, don’t acknowledge the
weakness of your flesh. Sometimes we think that our prayer is as strong
as our flesh feels. Are as weak as our flesh feels if they they they they
effectiveness. The impact of your prayer is as a result of the powers, the
authority, the abilities, and the principles within your spirit. Can I hear
that source of God? So when you wake up. In that moment. Of the spirit
you step praying. You stop praying. Left. Afternoon 12 AM
6PM6AM/9AM/9PM3 AM 3:00 PM and that is the time of prayer. I haven’t
heard that that that the Bible says in acts of the pastors. In the ninth
hour of prayer. In the 9th. Our. Of prayer. Even better, John and who?
James went to the temple to pray, so there was a time of prayer.


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