A Prophecy to Tanzania,Uganda and Morroco in the their leadership “Africa”

Their nations that were coming to listen to me now, now, now. The whole African continent, the people that will now come into presidency, mark them very well. They call on the name of the Lord. Mark what? Don’t be in a hurry. You will know that Africa is the last breed that God is using to save the world. You know they called you that one is true. The last shall be the father. It’s true.

By the way, we are not even claiming to be 1. We don’t have skyscrapers, but we have a sky. We can reach to a heavens that your skyscraper cannot get. Our height is Internal. We don’t have technologies we don’t even know compromise. Bentley, sorry. We don’t know any of those things. We don’t know Ferris, but when you want to talk speed. We are the ones that have speed. Africa, we have speed. We don’t need Ferrari. There is a way we move, the Bible says.

And the food of angels, Elijah and the outrage and the Chariots. We have speed. The Lord saved the last for the best look at the wine. Africa, there are not saved you for the best. I tell you, the colonization agenda has Africans involved, yes. The white man who now listen to the black man. The monkeys will have wisdom now, as they call them. Hmm. Monkeys. See, you are called monkeys. We are not refusing. You can call us anything you want. It doesn’t change what God has willed to do.

I worked as a driver for an Indian. Let me not call his name. And every month he would pay me from the toilet. He’ll go and take the money and put it in the toilet. And then you tell me, don’t look at me. Go pick your money in the toilet. And human gambling, I’ll go to the toilet. I thought a lot, 1 day. If you use men, I’m available. Now we have people that are listening to us, Indians listening to the gospel we teach and they send us.

The people that were being paid from toilet. The colonization agenda. I’m just here to tell you that God wants your land. Because he has already forgiven. The Bible says you are scenes he shall remember.

But now he wants to show you. What he wants to do with your life. The next one will be Uganda. Or Tanzania. They’re not told me to tell you the nation belongs to Jesus. I speak in parables. Me. I’m not here. Maybe for people. I know I’m here for nations. I know the grace on my head. So you might not understand me, I’m not here to be understood.

I’m just here to serve the interests of my government. Then walk away. Tanzania. That you are your palace will come back to Jesus. That’s what they told me to tell you. Morocco. Morocco, if you are from Morocco. And Switzerland, Switzerland. Watch nations. Watch them. God will begin to correct their land, and then he will come. That’s when you now know what it means for heaven to be on Earth. You will know it. That’s when you will know how God reigns in heaven.

That will no longer be corruption in Africa. That will not be a king. That is looking for a magician. And I want to bring a little warning to any government that is now coming in power. Be careful of his minds. I speak in parables. Be careful. The promise is on Isaac. So don’t be lukewarm in your leadership. Remember, it is Jesus.

That took you there because like Nebuchadnezzar, you can be reduced. I don’t know why the problem is always to go up. But when people finally get there. They no longer call his name. I want to bring a strong warning to the governor, the incoming governor of Nairobi. I saw you in the spirit. I went to a record where you started saying, you know, that the Lord bless you. Then I saw a record. And you said, inshallah. I warn you.


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