The only thing you can send to your future is your prayer. It can go and wait for you. Your prayer can become your protocol. It waits for you at the gates of your tomorrow. It’s just that tomorrow is ready for you. And it if if it finds anything, your tomorrow that can sabotage the name of God in your life, it can. The says. Both divide your investments among many places, for you do not know what risks my life ahead. Either change. I love the Bible.

Number one is Land. Everybody writes it down land. [ land and anything you can get under it, on it and above it. It’s all called land. You know it has real estate land. Together with anything under it, on it and above it. Look at me. You are not rich. If you do not own land. You hear what I’m saying? Write it so that you don’t forget. I don’t care what else you are. You are poor if you do not own land. Because land. It’s a fixed asset. It cannot be stolen. Even if a bomb falls on that land, it can only affect what is on it. You will not see a big hole suddenly looking at you. Land is one of the greatest communications of God’s justice and mercy upon the inhabitants of the Earth. I’ll stop there. Land. Write this down. There is an equation for financial freedom. Financial freedom is equal to financial abundance plus time plus Peace of Mind. That you have money does not mean you are financially free. Financial freedom is equal to financial abundance, the availability of the resources plus time. There are people who have money, but no time. No time to pray, no time to give, no time to spend. A quality time with their children and their loved ones and their families. No time at all. They tell you. No time. I’m busy, I’m busy, I’m busy. They started doing that when they were 20. Now they are 55. I’m busy, I’m busy. And then they die. Because on the 7th day God rested. You are in the ninth day. You have not rested. You will die.

2. Education. I’m giving you 4 failed proof streams of income under education right the following anything, whether speaking, writing. Or setting up structures that transfer knowledge. Education is all about imparting knowledge. The Bible gives us a clue into becoming rich, he said. Before the coming of Christ, Knowledge, Challenge Greece, there will be an unsearchable demand. For knowledge. That means anything you do that will transfer knowledge to people is a guaranteed source of work. There’s nothing to hide. There’s no secret about it. There’s no secret there in the 1st place. Education speaking. How many people rake in millions of dollars every week just because they are able to communicate? They are not just talking, they are transferring knowledge. Imagine that this was a business meeting and everybody is paying 100,000 for the seminar. Calculate how many people 100,000 times all the people we have, including all those who are online. And I’m doing the same thing. I don’t need to talk louder. I don’t need to shout more the exact same thing. Ten years after I’ve preached this, or I’ve said this, or have delivered this lecture, I will still be getting paid for it.

One of the cheapest aspect of education is writing, the ability to document your persuasion. For as long as you think there is something you want the world to hear, you can document it. The only problem is what many people call book writing is nonsense. They are just hungry people looking for money. So there is no excellence and no creativity. And at the end of it only 100 copies are sold. And the bookstore tells you please get out. But there is a key. Pop was driven life. Right, Rick Warren. That one book brought ten son hundreds of millions of dollars. He was so profound they had to create a workbook for his love and respect. There are many books that have become bestsellers rediscovering the Kingdom because individuals documented strong persuasions that run to the ideologies of continents. Could there be a persuasion in your life right now? That you need to burn and bring out. You are sitting upon a gold mine and yet you are crying. Crying for food and crying for water. The only limitation to your life should be the voice of God, not lack of creativity. It’s called speaking to US education.

3. Your job, your job paid employment to stream of income. So your job is not bad. You can get a job, at least you receive salary from it. And the beautiful part of that is that your salary can solve your short term needs because you know every month a fixed income is coming, so it can give you room to focus on other things that will take time to build. How many have I given? Let me tell you the reason why it’s so easy to be rich in the 21st century. In the School of Prosperity, especially in the 21st century, almost any and everything has a demand. There is a demand for almost any and everything. This is the reason why there should be no one here.


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