If you don’t carry this fire, you are finished. If you think it’s about snapping pictures with great people and framing it and putting on your Facebook status, you will be caught up. In fact, that picture is what will implicate you because Peter would not have been attacked except as the young dancer came and said this one too was with Jesus.

Some of the fatalities will be on precaution. The devil will be quiet until now discovers. So you do you know this apostle that means what he’s doing? He’s already telling you. So before you become like him, they will cut you off. So instead of snapping pictures and posting everywhere, contact the fire. Because Peter wouldn’t have been a victim except as they recognised that he was with Christ.

The moment they recognised that he was, Christ attacked him. In one night. He received three attacks. And they didn’t have fire, so he had to escape through a line tongue. But when Priya came, Peter came before the sun. Handling they said, George it amongst yourself. Whether it is better to obey men or to obey God is that we cannot but speak of the things that we have seen and heard. What happened to Peter Fire came upon his head. The man that was afraid of a young dancer can now confront the host and healthy, comprising of the Pharisees, the services and the Sky George among yourself.

When the tie them up to slot them, they were not moves. This is an honour to be beaten, to be flawed on behalf of Jesus. And the Bible said they returned to their own company. They didn’t go there to cry, they didn’t go there to restrategize, they didn’t go there to retreat. He said as they played they said fire fell from heaven again and the place where they were was shaking and they came out and they said we’re goodness. They preach Jesus and he said good grace was upon them.

They knew that the inheritance you have in this Kingdom is the measure of fire you carry. Anybody without fire will not be part of the Army of God. This is why every transition period necessitates that there must be baptism of fire again. What we are doing here is not a rich one. What we are doing is because we know we are in a transition season.

It was a debate that was speaking the other time to young ministers and he said we are going. The man sat down on national television and he said we are going. In case you can’t disarm it by prophecy, one of the Patriots have told you already that they are beginning to hear the sounds from heaven. Wise men are beginning to be taken away and in order for you to receive the inheritance that they had that give them the authority to represent God in their cycle, you must receive the fire that they have.

That’s why Jesus told his disciples they said the teaching is not enough. Wait until the fire comes and in acts Chapter 2 from verse one they said when the day of Pentecost. They said they were together in one accord and they were grey and assessed. Suddenly they had a sound as of a rushing mighty wind and it said the place where they were was filled with the Holy Ghost and global problems that saw fire appeared on their head. The moment fire came, they knew they’ve gotten it. They went out. Man that hid in the room for 40 days suddenly stepped up and one day Peter spoke, 3000 was added to the church.

The next time Peter spoke, 5000 was added to the church. Then next time put a spoke is that a good company of the police became part of the film? And the next time I spoke, he said the whole city came to them. So the men hiding behind closed door had the authority to take a city. It took power and fire to reveal it to them. You will be a mediocre on the fire comes. Because the potential for your spirit that will require some level of productivity to find that special. And in that fire does not come.

That utterance will not be released. If that fire does not come, that goodness will not be released. If that fire does not come, that anointing will be conceived. You need fire for the anointing to flow. Ohh yeah can become congealed. And even though that oil has potential, it cannot flow. That’s what the fire comes to do, to give you your own inheritance. Not one of us. There is supposed to be left out, but the question is, where is your fire? It’s sad. In the latter days he will cause bright clouds to fall upon every blade of glass. That means what gives every blade of glass and inheritance is the thought of the fire.

This is why you don’t have video content for it and if you have it, to guard it with your life. Because during this your heritance please sit down 4 why do you need prior? You need fire because it is fire that prepares the sons of God. It is fire in Malachi Chapter 3, verse two. He said he will thoroughly purge the sons of Levi.

That they may bring and acceptable worship unto the Lord. If you are not part of your brain may be right, but your spirit will be wrong. And if your spirit is wrong? Your tongue is not needed. It takes the right spirit for a tongue to be let loose. If the source of Levi are not poached. Everything they know comes from nothing. Many people pride themselves in the places they’ve gone to, the training they receive. But the question is, where is the fire when the fire does not come?

The same tone? That professor is the tongue that gossips, the same heart that opens to receive God is the heart that happens. People. How can evil and good coexist in one man? How can light and darkness coexist? One month because the fire has not called. When the fire called, it punches why fire command demons fire torches the sons of God.

This is why we enter into fire. This is why we received the baptism of fire. So that will become the weakness that our generation is looking for if that fire does not come. God cannot trust you. Even the ones Jesus trained, he told them to wait and receive fire first. It is the man that is on fire that I can trust, because that man constantly is being purified.

If you cannot return the fire of God, you cannot be trusted. It means all that spirit are also having intercourse with you. Because when God has intercourse with the man, he sets that Man on Fire. He said, kiss me with the kisses of thy mouth. Songs of Solomon, chapter one, verse two, they said I love is better than wine, they said because of this savoury ointment of the good name. He said the vengeance. Love you, he said. My beloved.

4 Reasons Why you need Fire: Apostle Michael Orokpo


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